Axel- what wig to use/styling suggestions!

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#1 Fuffeh on 1 year ago

Let me apologize in advance if there's already a good tutorial for this linked somewhere as I haven't been on this site in a while and I wasn't able to find one :eeek: On that note, I've seen a tutorial on using a malinda wig, but it's an older tutorial and I'm sort of wondering if people have developed better methods/found better wigs since then. I'm not a total novice to styling wigs but I'm interested in some of the more advanced techniques because I really want this bad boy to shine, he's such a beloved character ;A;

For anyone who isn't familiar, this is Axel, but there are obviously many characters (Sonic the Hedgehog for instance) that have similar hair sytles to this:


Now my three main questions:

1.) What kind of wig would work best for this? I have no personal experience with Arda's Malinda, but I know I've seen people use their Jareth wig for characters with very full/spiky hair. Would you recommend one over the other, or something else entirely?

2.) Are there any specific techniques that would work well for this kind of thing? I know there's the standard Got2B hairspray/backcombing/teasing method but if this the kind of wig that would benefit from having foam for the spikes or anything fancy like that?

3.) How the heck do you wear and preserve a wig with that much styling?! O__O

#2 DlGlT on 1 year ago

Epic's nemesis would give you the widows peak, but you'll likely need additional wefts

Or these from arda

Ardas tutorial looks pretty good, though outdated given there are now widow peak wigs available. I think mixing that tutorial with some other spiking tutorials would be a good place to start. Dying the roots darker will also give the wig appropriate depth