Dulling/polishing faux-leather fabric?

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#1 carmovision on 1 year ago

I've been piecing together a Chat Noir cosplay from various faux-leather "clubwear" items found on eBay (so far i have the pants, a leotard with short sleeves, and this other thing that's just the sleeves themselves but connected at the back like a shirt?), but as these items come in it's becoming increasingly obvious that not all faux-leather/PVC items have the same finish - some are made from a glossy "wetlook" fabric, while others have more of a matte "leathery" look. Is there any way to reliably make these fabrics match each other more closely (i.e., make the shiny parts more matte or make the matte parts more shiny) or am I better off trying to find parts all made from the same type of fabric?

#2 Penlowe on 1 year ago

The disadvantage is that you are working with ready made items so you don't have any extra materials for testing. And testing is what I recommend. If you happen to be short, you can cut off and re-hem pants and that gives you a little material to test on, but only that specific material.

The leotards, not likely you can change their texture without ruining the fabric. The vinyls you MIGHT be able to wax or polish to get more or less shine, but it's tricky. Some floor polishing compounds are designed for vinyl (Future Floor Polish) but there's no gurantee the vinyl of your sleeves is the same as the flooring.

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