P5 Makoto/Queen Wig + Mask & Shinobu/Kisshot Wig [Best Offer, price for mask written]

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#1 Mitten on 1 year ago



My pre-styled Makoto wig comes with a removable braid that clips in and can be adjusted.

I'm willing to sell the mask and wig separately, but together would be ideal!
(The mask with be $45)

My Shinobu wig is 2 wigs sewn together so it very thick just like her hair! It had a very golden blonde color like the anime as well.
Also pre-styled, if you'd like additional pictures please let me know!

All wigs are best offer (I'm just looking to clear out space), cleaned + brushed, and in great condition! Please send me a message here, in a pm, or email me at [email][email protected][/email] with any questions.

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