Other than an emo 12-year old boy. Who could I crossplay?

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#1 SamiSama on 1 year ago

Example: [url]https://imgur.com/a/tEfU53O[/url]
(Didn't have a decent short wig, that's my friend's)

I'm still losing some weight on my end. Hopefully that will remove some chub. My facial structure hates contouring though, so I have to rely on my eyes mostly. That being said I probably can improve contouring anyways. It's just contouring works when I smile, but sags and looks weird when I'm not.

My facial structure in no way can work with being some smouldering, masculine, tough guy. I've accepted that. But what characters (who or type) COULD I cosplay with this face shape? I'm a 24 year old female and already have trouble looking my age normally. I mean, may as well embrace my youth.

Any tips and ideas?

#2 walkerofdarknes on 1 year ago

Truthfully? The first thing I saw from your pic was Kenshin Himura from Ruroni Kenshin, or Seto Sojiro from the same series. If you wanted to go with Kenshin, you might look into some latex prosthetics to adjust the shape of your jawline slightly (there's a decent set of pics on the wiki from the live action adaptation).

After a moment's consideration, I also think you could pull off Miyamoto Usagi from Usagi Yojimbo. Again, you'd need a prosthetic (in this case, to give you more the "rabbit" nose). But your face is round enough that with the right painting you could pull off the rabbit look fairly well.

If you wanted to go more mainstream, you could readily do Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto or Sanji from One Piece. From My Hero Academia, you could go with Yuga Aoyama, Shoto Todoroki, or Mezo Shoji (the lower mask could be set onto a frame to change your face shape).

From there, I'd wonder about a few things before I made more recommendations:

1. Your pics show glasses and not. Are they essential or not?
2. Preferred fandoms (scifi, anime, cartoon)?
3. Villian, hero or "grey"?

#3 DanArt on 1 year ago

Your going about this the wrong way.

Cosplay is about getting as close to the character as possible or creating your morph or enterpretation of the character. Make me believe.

There is also roleplaying as actors. Meaning act our whatever it is being played out.

Point being I can not tell anything from the photo you showed off. Asides your room.Your age does not matter. What you want is what matters.

#4 Scunosi on 1 year ago

For some reason your face looks very familiar to me but I can't place any particular character other than maybe Harry Potter, who to be fair starts off sub-11 years old but of course ages up throughout the series.

Honestly I think just about any slight/stereotypically "nerdy" character could fit you. Maybe a detective character of some sort? In the photo you posted the only "obviously" feminine thing about you is your eyelashes, but I don't know if I'd recommend thinning those, sounds kinda dangerous....

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