Cosplayers In/Around Texas

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#1 darkangel7410 on 7 months ago

Ok so i'm actually making this post because i'm looking for people that go to AKon, IkkiCon, or San Japan. I'm looking to put together a group of Destiny cosplayers. [U]NOW GRANT YOU[/U]. I know there are a lot of hard feelings towards the game, and maybe even Bungie as a whole. However with that said i still love the franchise as a story and concept of what it could have been. Now more than just putting together a group of Guardians just for a photo-shoot, i thought i'd bring back something from a while back as a fun stunt at one of these conventions. This would need a bit of forward planning so i might opt to wait till 2019 before i try to do this at all. However i will only try it if i have a minimum of 5 people willing to participate and will be showing up and which ever con we plan for.

As for the stunt. I figured i'd bring back a classic. [URL=""]Stunt[/URL]