DC Photoshoot?

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#1 pawscosplay on 3 years ago

Hey guys!

My boyfriend and I are looking for a DC photoshoot to go to during the convention! I'm new to the site and I've been looking around and haven't seen a lot of threads about one being made. If anyone can lend some help that would be awesome! Thanks!

#2 BFreak on 3 years ago

I'm keeping track of all the meet ups and gatherings that are going on even over on the AnimeNEXT's forum, but there's nothing about DC gathering so far. I know Marvel people are planning on meeting, but IDK about DC fandom.

I would defiantly be up for it since I was considering doing casual Artemis (Young Justice version) from when I arrive until noon, but so far, there's no DC meet ups set up yet.

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