Manaphy Gijinka Magical Staff Help

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#1 Hollystar1409 on 4 years ago

So im doing a manaphy gijinka cosplay and its sorta my first cosplay and i have the dress done but im working on a staff and i have some of it made but i need to know if the design is good looking or in i need to tweek it some.

#2 ZanyGeek on 4 years ago

I'm not familair with that character, but from doing an online search, it seems the staffs can take on a vartiety of styles, so your interpretation can work. The difference I see between yours and most of the others is that they tend to have a more solid staff and all the ornamentation is on the top or bottom, whereas yours has it all the way down. It's a nice design, but if you're going for style accuracy, that might be a consideration.