Lightning Wig Critique

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#1 CosplayWho on 3 years ago

Hello, so having had this wig for a a few months I have been spiking, thinning, cutting, dyeing and more thinning. I am now the most happy with it but would love some advice or pointers if anyone can see any places that need more work or what not. I had originally started with a ferrari in lightning pink from arda:

The character:
[url][/url] (Very big image)


Before cutting/styling:
[URL=""]Before 1[/URL]

[URL=""]Before 2[/URL]

[URL=""]After 1[/URL]

[URL=""]After 2[/URL]

[URL=""]After 3[/URL]


#2 SeeU on 2 years ago

The wig looks really thin and it needs more styling.