Looking for 2016 Room mates!

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#1 WondererBailey on 3 years ago

Okay, so...I've never hosted a room before but you'll find I'm pretty straight forward.

About Me:
- 26
- Female
- Doesn't smoke or drink (only on special occasions)
- I'm pretty laid back, kind of a shy potato at first but still friendly. Since its Yaoicon, there will be much to talk about!

Rules: Pretty simple/basic ones
- Not a party room, it's basically there for us to sleep, change, eat, and relax
- Non-smoking
- Drinking in moderation
- Respect people's belongings (there should be room for everyone so be mindful)
- You can bring friends over, but no hanky panky. Keep in mind you will be sharing a bed with another person)

About the Room:
- Double beds
- Non-smoking
- Check in : September 15th by 4 - Check out: September 19th by noon
- Total room cost : approx. $726 ($50 increase for 2 additional people)
* 2 people -$363
* 3 people -$242
* 4 people -$181.50
* 5 people -$146 (this is only a possible option, and would be a floor space IF there's room)

Payment should be made a month befor the con, so the deadline would be August 31st.
Payment method - PAYPAL

I believe that's everything. If I'm forgetting anything, don't hesitate to ask!

#2 WondererBailey on 3 years ago

FINALLY got my bank confirmed which means that the payment method has been changed to PayPal ^_^)b

#3 WondererBailey on 3 years ago

Just an update, I see people are looking~!

#4 Rakusen on 3 years ago

If you're still looking for one, I'll join in since I need a room still.

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