Batman beyond moulding casting help?

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#1 CinderellaMan on 2 years ago

Okay, so far I've figured out how so of it works, but example I know you need a 3d printing program printer thing, but the rest seems quite detailed.

Anyway, is there anyway to get designs for costumes that are not on the internet? can I hire someone to do it for me? I want to make a mixture of moulding casting and cloth material underneath, showing around the openings. I don't want it to look too bulky and I want it to look like the cannon official design but more detailed lik it would look in a movie. I decided that the partial mask used in the Daredevil tv show is how I want the mask to be, (with the mask and lower portion left, it would just be the material) but the 3d ones all have the wrong horns on the top.

Any suggestions?