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#1 LaCroix on 3 years ago

Hello everyone! So basically as the title states, I'm looking for some other girls that are interested in cosplay, anime, and J-fashion, who are also looking for someone to hang out with? Due to unfortunate circumstances it doesn't look like either of my friends will be able to make con this year, effectively leaving me on my own, sadly. And as we all know, AX is much more fun if you're not by yourself!

So a little bit about me:
Over 21 and under 30 (I don't care about your age as long as you're 18+)
Cosplayer friendly and J-fashion enthusiast
(I'll be closet cosplaying Kiki from Kiki's delivery service)
Lover of Kawaii Culture and magical girls:
Card Captor Sakura
Precure, etc
Non-smoker, and pretty much non drinker. (I don't mind if you smoke or like to drink)
AX Vetern (Been attending since '06) and LA Local, so I know the area pretty well!

Please feel free to DM me, or reply to the thread, or even make this a thread for solo con goers to connect?

#2 NeoStrayCat on 3 years ago

Well, besides the other topic or 2 for people asking for some cosplay forum peoples to hang out, yeah, lol. Either way, you're not the only one who will feel "being alone" this year, lol.

In fact, besides one of my IRL pals I meet yearly who's going to be there (male), the other, will sadly, be at a road show/tour/concert for Iron Maiden (female) that unfortunately is on the same weekend as AX, so she won't make it this year.

Also, I woudn't mind if this topic would end up being used as looking for forum buddies for AX, lol. Also...girls? (I guess I might be out of the equasion, since I'm a friendly male person here. Not unless crossplay counts, lol. [Though technically, I'll never do that, for obvious reasons.])

Unless you're willing to have males for your group, of course, lol. I mean, yeah, for the obivous things...
-In mid 20's, also cosplay friendly, non-smoker/drinker, also into the MG genre, and also have been an AX vet since 08 (I mean, I still have my badges hanging over, lol), and also a SoCal local person too, lol.

#3 LaCroix on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=NeoStrayCat;5057920]Well, besides the other topic or 2 for people asking for some cosplay forum peoples to hang out, yeah, lol. Either way, you're not the only one who will feel "being alone" this year, lol. [/QUOTE]

Well the one thread was posted by a minor who had similar request deleted so, I didn't want to risk my post being deleted as well if their topic was taken down by a forum mod. The second post was related to a possibly hosting a gathering which I have never done, so this post was more targeted towards one on one connections or small groups.

#4 NeoStrayCat on 3 years ago

I see, well, either way, I'm intrested in a get together if you very well like, lol. All I need to know is if the schedule (that's out now) doesn't have anything occupied I up for, not unless you're willing to tag along, lol. Cause the official SM panel is one such example, lol. Others will be on a will call basis.

#5 CS3 on 3 years ago

My post was about how I didn't see any solo people meet ups on here yet like I've seen in the past years. Yeah I'm going alone and honestly if I could get my plane ticket and badge refunded I wouldn't be going. Most of the "I'm going alone" have been guys.

#6 NeoStrayCat on 3 years ago

Well, other than its a bit too late to refund or transfer the badge into next year, and the plane ticket too, lol. Yeah, I suppose there woudn't been much choice to either go alone, or rather tag along, lol.

Besides, we're in the middle of the month, and AX is nearly 2 weeks away. So...there's plenty of time to arrange a get together, hang-outs, or w/e, lol.

#7 CS3 on 3 years ago

That's kinda the risk I take when I don't live in Ca. At another con it could be impossible to arrange something given that there's not a lot of con big as AX.

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