Luna's trident from FFXV

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#1 CFHinLA on 3 years ago

I'm looking for some critical feedback on my latest prop. I've done quite well with these builds (this is my third with two more commissioned) and I'm looking for ways to make it better.

Item: Luna's trident from Final Fantasy 15
Materials: Solid wood (mostly pine) and a few small Sintra embellishments
Paint: Spray paint, airbrush with dry brush and black wash patina. Three coats of satin clear
Build time: Approx 15 hours

Photos are at the bottom of this album (sorry, no direct links)


#2 gypsy_girl on 3 years ago

I couldn't quickly find a lot reference pictures. I don't know this character or her prop, but she looks awesome.

I think overall you've done a great job with the details. You've done pretty well with the painting. My recommendation would be to add more contrast with highlights and shadow. In your pictures some of your wonderful details get a little lost from a distance.