BroadwayCon 2017 (27-29 January, NYC)

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#1 Phantomtango1 on 2 years ago

BroadwayCon is returning to New York City from 27-29 January. Anyone else planning on attending? Organizers are expanding the programming, adding more special guests/Broadway celebrities and have moved the Con to the Jacob Javits Convention Center to accommodate what is expected to be a larger crowd. It was a good first con last year and I expect this year will be better based on what I've been told. It's still a pricey con, but I had a great time last year so it's worth it.

Also...BroadwayCon organizers invited to host an introductory cosplay panel! No word yet on what day/time that panel will be, but I'll be joined by several top costumers/cosplayers that specialize in Broadway-themed cosplays. While the majority of the panel focuses on getting new folks involved in cosplay, we'll be there to answer any questions more experienced cosplayers may have as well.

Hope to see some other members there. :)