MAGFest 2017 Cosplay Events (Cosplay Battle, Skit Contest, Photoshoots, and more)!

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#1 1JennyFan on 2 years ago

Hello everyone! My name is Courtney Washington (a.k.a. 1JennyFan), and I am here to spread the word about MAGFest 2017's cosplay events, both official and unofficial!

First of all, I'm organizing MAGFest's unofficial photoshoots this year! We already have about 20 shoots planned, including Final Fantasy, Overwatch, Pokemon, and more. Our list below includes all of the photoshoots that we know of and have gotten in contact with, along with their shoot time(s), person(s) of contact, and website; if you would like to be included with your own photoshoot, or know of another photoshoot taking place, let us know so we can contact them and add them to the list! Please note that all photoshoots on this unofficial list are public events which will be taking place at the Atrium Fountains, in order to prevent crowding and possible fire hazards. :)

Officially... there's nothing else I can say yet. ;) But this post will be updated with word on official events, such as Animated Reality Entertainment's Cosplay Battle and the Forge!

Finally, below is schedule for all of your MAGFest 2017 cosplay event needs, both official and unofficial. :) Please use to your advantage and spread the word!