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#1 Scunosi on 4 years ago

I'm encountering some more wonky ads that seem to have cropped up within the past few days. I'm going to try and link them as attachments so they won't be on this post. They're Xfinity ads that are stretching the page very strangely.

#2 Scunosi on 4 years ago

Here's the attachments.

#3 Admin on 4 years ago

OK thanks, I'll look into it. And that's just happening in Internet Explorer?

#4 Scunosi on 4 years ago

Seems like just IE, yes. I'm using IE11 and checked Chrome but everything seemed normal there, though I only spent a few minutes poking around.

#5 Scunosi on 3 years ago

These have popped up again by the way, seemingly just today.

#6 fabrickind on 3 years ago

I've started getting Xfinity ads that stretch the page oddly, as well. I just noticed them today. Screencap is attached.

I'm using Google Chrome Version 48.0.2564.109 m on a computer running Windows 10, so it isn't just Internet Explorer anymore.

#7 Admin on 3 years ago

Thanks, I think we can whittle it down to the Xfinity ads causing it. I'll go into the 3rd party system and see if there's a way to report those as breaking things.

Are there also times those specific ads appear correctly?

#8 fabrickind on 3 years ago

Yes. I can't find a pattern as to when they appear correctly vs. not -- I'm always using the same browser, and they sometimes appear correctly and sometimes do not, even when refreshing the same page (the main page of the forums, a specific thread, etc.). I can refresh the page and the ad will sometimes stretch and sometimes not. It appears to be the same ad -- I can see part of what looks like a splotchy painting or maybe a stylized world map in the stretched ad, and there is a similar image in the unstretched ad.

#9 Admin on 3 years ago

OK thanks. It looks like whatever the ad code is is stretching the page for a tall ad but showing a wide one, which it should be doing since the tag on our page specifically says 728x90. I'll send a report in and see if maybe there's an updated tag for it as well.

Unfortunately I don't have much control over specific 3rd party ads other than to block a specific company system-wide, so I'll see if maybe there's an error in their ad campaign.

#10 fabrickind on 3 years ago

Thanks for looking into it.

I didn't get the ads for a while after posting in this thread, but now I'm getting them again today. Again, I can't find any pattern as to when they appear.

Sometimes, instead of displaying a horizontal ad as if it were a vertical ad, it just straight up displays a vertical ad up top. Picture attached. Also Xfinity.

#11 fabrickind on 3 years ago

Sorry to double-post, but the bad ads have been getting worse in the past few weeks. Now I get one on almost every page. What is the status of looking into this issue?

It's getting worse. Instead of just stretching the page now, some of the ads (still only Xfinity ads) aren't stretching the page, but making it so that even halfway down the page you're still in the clickbox for the ad. I tried clicking on some threads in the Wigs section and it kept clicking on the top ad instead (and displaying a large greyish rectangle around the ad when I clicked, which I'm assuming is a visual representation of the clickbox -- I can try to take a screenshot if it happens again)

These ads are making these forums quite literally unusable for me.

#12 Admin on 3 years ago

I went in just now and hard-coded a maximum height for that area of the page, so in a worst-case scenario it won't push the site down if an errant ad breaks the layout.

As for the actual ad causing it, I inquired but didn't get any info back on it. I'll put in another request, but for now the height fix should stop it from taking over like that.

#13 fabrickind on 3 years ago

I'm still getting the issues of the clickbox being far too low on the page. I haven't gotten a stretching issue (thank you!), but the clickbox issue is worse. Picture attached of what I mean -- the grey area shows up when you click anywhere in that area, and is the clickbox associated with the ad. (The other whitish box up in the corner is from me holding down a click on my touchscreen -- ignore that)

#14 Admin on 3 years ago

Sending you a quick PM so I can troubleshoot something specific on your account.