Lost the weight or loosing up the Ciel pants

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#1 Blue Rose2312 on 3 years ago

I've brought the Ciel cosplay and the shirt and jacket fits but not the pants my size is XXL and the pants don't fit do I need to lose the weight or loosing up the pants? because when I told my mom she said I have to lose the weight because of my butt is getting bigger when I grow up or getting taller than her.

What shall I do?

#2 Dictamnus Albus on 3 years ago

probably looking at both,

if you cant fit into somthing, by a few inches, youll want to loosen what you can
but start working on calorie>activity management

most fitness sites, and docs will say that unless your on emergency dieting
your goal should be only a few inches per year or 2lbs per month or somthing like that

many people say the the belly, waist, thigh, areas are the last place that shrinks

also depending on age, around 25-30 is when "middle age spread" kicks in
and unless your half starved to start, most people experiance a 1-3 inch gain
depending on genetics

one thing to keep an eye on is how much carbohydrates are in your diet
or mainly how much bread, noodles, and potatoes you eat regularly

if you have a carb heavy diet, try cutting it to only 1 carb heavy meal per week

the idea is, carbs are used first, so if you have a constant intake of carbs
everything else gets stored, low carb diet is meant to lets the body process
fats intake or stores for caloric fuel instead
but you cant cut carbs entierly or you eventually slip into ketoacidosis
which is bad

so ya, both, let out so you can fit comfy and have a good time
but use this as a sign, and look into improving your future health
even just taking account of your weekly norms can provide enough info to know what you need

when i did, it was enough for me to kick my 4-5 can per day soda habbit
(at that point, getting over half my calories from soda alone)
still trying to slay the tater demon, but my dad makes that impossible

#3 grell titan on 3 years ago

completely with above wheni got my grell costume i relized i looked awfull in it ( my tummy stuck out like a sore thumb ) so decied to lose the weight been losing weight ever since also might be better for you helth wise ( nto saying youre fat or anything ) but will make you feel much better trust me on that ;)

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