How to make these intricate gloves?

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#1 CosplayWho on 2 years ago

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So making the base black glove is not a problem but the designs on top and the bony look of the lines on the back of hand, I have no idea what to do. I was thinking gluing another layer of fabric on top for the finger designs but other than that I have no clue as to make these. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

#2 lunaflora on 2 years ago

Looks to be leather. Or a computer rendering of leather. My best guess is that the "bony" look is actually just seams running from between the fingers to the opening of the glove, the seam allowances of the leather would make the raised "bones" you see. It's all intricate, tedious, and very difficult seamwork done to make up the glove itself, as opposed to being tacked on. You could certainly glue the pieces to the base, especially the finger and thumb details. You can certainly hand sew/applique the finger details. Also, perhaps you should pad the detail at the thumb to have that raised ridge in the photo. I think the most difficult thing would be the raised details by the thumb

#3 Penlowe on 2 years ago

It may be out of print, but until recently Vogue had a glove pattern. I'd start with that.

#4 ShinobiXikyu on 2 years ago

I think Butterick also has a leather glove pattern. I've seen it but never used it but it appears to be decent (I found a small-company leather glove pattern in a thrift shop, so I use that for all my glove needs).

#5 CapsuleCorp on 2 years ago

In the render, it's all seaming. If you've never made gloves before, I wouldn't try seaming that knuckle panel in. Make the gloves from a normal pattern (you can see the normal finger seams along the sides of the fingers) and then applique the knuckle diamond section on top.

#6 CosplayWho on 2 years ago

Thank you for the pattern recommendations, just bought the butterrick one off etsy :) I plan to use my left over Yaya Han black 4 way stretch fabric for the gloves, do you guys think that will be sufficient or work for the gloves and the details?

#7 lunaflora on 2 years ago

*googles* is it the shiny vinyl fabric from Jo-Ann's? That seems a bit too shiny compared to the depiction in the photos. I think as long as the fabric looks like a matte leather and has enough body that the point's aren't all floppy and collapsing, then you're fine. (You could always try interfacing it)

#8 CosplayWho on 2 years ago

the fabric I have is the ultrapreme fabric not too shiny but a bit of a smooth leathery look. I was thinking about getting other fabric for the gloves if anyone has any suggestions, I would rather not use real leather since I'm not a fan of these fabrics but most faux leather I have used don't have the stretch I need... So if anyone has a suggestion for the fabric I would love to hear it. :)

#9 lunaflora on 2 years ago

What about this fabric? 4-way stretch matte vinyl [URL=""][/URL]

#10 Penlowe on 2 years ago

glove leather, called kid because it often comes from goats, is terrifically thin and surprisingly stretchy. Not spring-back-immediately like spandex, but more like 'this is too tight, oh wait, now they look painted on and I can move' sort of stretch. I had contemplated advising that you seek out a pair of vintage debutante gloves (I see them on Etsy all the time, usually under $12 a pair) and add to them, but that thin leather is notoriously hard to sew, they really require a lot of practice. They may well be worth looking up just for a visual reference though.
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