Eternal Sailor Moon Critique

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#1 TunaTetrazzini on 2 years ago

I entered ESM in a cosplay contest recently and won an intermediate award, but I would like to make her even better and compete with her again at master level. What can I fix to make her really stand out? I'm most concerned with the leotard and sleeves.

(I know I have to change the belt since I sewed the bias tape colors upside-down. I also plan on adding snaps to the belt so it fully covers where the skirt meets the leotard)

[URL=""]Manga reference photo[/URL]
[URL=""]Pic 1 (unedited hall shot)[/URL]
[URL=""]Pic 2 (photoshoot)[/URL]
[URL=""]Pic 3 (photoshoot)[/URL]

Full turnaround reference in [URL=""]this[/URL] video @ 4:12

#2 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

Ohmygosh you look lovely! :D
I like how you framed the wig around your face, and the styling is awesome! As for the critique, the photos need to be a bit clearer but overall the only thing I'd have a problem with is the hip roll.
I'm not sure what materials you used to make it, but perhaps stuffing it to help hold its shape because to me that's what seems to catch my eye first, then the costume.
It needs to sort of seamlessly blend in (as realistically as possible) with the costume instead of it popping out like you're wearing a belt.
Overall though it looks awesome :D

#3 SeeU on 2 years ago

The skirt belt thing you have it throwing me off. isn't that suppose to be apart of the skirt?
I would get the smaller lower wings as well.
The heart brooch is suppose to be yellow/gold.
Maybe make the sleeve puffs a little brighter of a pink.
Are you going to get a prop? that could help make the costume complete.