Character's who wear armour

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  • Hi there so I have about two months to create a new cosplay for an upcoming con. The last con I went to, I did three cosplays but none super challenging and I know I wont get better without a challenge.

    The ones I did:
    Sailor Jupiter
    Hilda fromX-ray and Vav
    Vault boy

    I'm not that good with foam and worbla I've never tried much less wonderflex. I usually use cardboard, foam core, or paper mache. I want to attempt making individual paper mache pieces and put them together for armour especially since I don't have any complex tools as well.

    So that brings me to my question.

    I need easy or medium difficult armours to build for this con. I could knock out a helmet in a day and since I'm on summer break, I'll have more time.

    Some one's I've had in mind are:
    -Alphonse Elric
    -Lightning Farron

    However, some of those seem a little hard so I would like a few more ideas. Thanks a lot!

  • A few characters that come to mind are:
    • Bucky as the Winter Soldier, live action from Marvel. But it sounds to me that you might by hit a snag with this since you mentioned your skill level. Which is ok btw, you don't always need the fancy tools it's mostly about how you use the materials.
    • Justice League Action version of Wonder Woman, or the Justice League War version.
    • Starfire from Teen Titans
    • Kazemon, Zephyrmon, Angewomon from Digimon (it may not look your 'traditional' armor but you can still call it that)
    • Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tale
    • Several Overwatch outfits
    • Ezio Auditore from ACII

  • Thank you very much! I hadn't even thought of Bucky! It also brought to mind maybe a Vriska as well. I think I found the one I want to do!

  • If you look at old Fire Emblem designs a lot of the armor was more simplified due to the art style, so you may want to just pore over the wiki a bit. Lots of big basic shoulder and chest pieces, with some greaves, etc. The casts in those games are huge so you'd probably find someone you like. I wouldn't spend too much time in the newer games unless you really like the style though as the armor there is predominantly much more complex.

  • ^ Seconding Fire Emblem-- tons of armor stuff there.

    The new Voltron has some simple, bulky armor pieces for the [URL=""]Paladin armor[/URL].

    Maybe consider doing a mecha, from any mecha anime? The giant robot pieces are generally box-y and you wouldn't have to spend forever trying to curve cardboard, which is nice. Any of the Gundams, Evangelion, Code Geass, TTGL, Eureka Seven, Star Driver... they've all got some iconic bots!

    Legend of Zelda has a few options-- the Magic Armor (red/gold one from Twilight Princess), the Zora armor (scalemail, some leather-looking parts), and anything of Ganon's are options. Even some of Zelda's stuff could be doable! Granted, depending on which game you're looking at references from the detail will vary, but a game with a simpler art style will mean less little bits to handle.

    EDIT: Also just noticed you're a Roosterteeth fan-- there are a ton of RWBY characters with armored parts!

  • Skyrim!!!!! Lots of armour options there.

  • Thank you all! I'll go one by one for my replies XD

    It's actually been forever hearing about or even playing fire emblem and that is a great idea! Thank you thank you!

    Can't say that i've seen Voltron but I'll check it out. Zelda is a great idea as well because I can also add in my sewing abilities. And I've done a bit of RWBY cosplays even voice a character in an abridged series. I did Pyrrha for RTX 2016 and made all of Coco's props. Thank you!

    I can't believe I forgot about skyrim. I've always wanted to do a Nightingale armour or even Dark Brotherhood armour. Thank you!