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#1 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

Ok so in my previous thread: [url][/url]
I posted about me having a problem with my Venus wig. It turns out static is causing my wig to cling because of the brushing, and was told to get a wide tooth comb. I also know using dryer sheets help with this situation so I tried it; but didn't get far.
I e-mailed Arda for extra help as I continued having problems and they told me that I have a "spiderweb" thing going on, plus frizz from over brushing so I needed to manually detangle it, and supplied me with a tutorial for defrizzing wigs with heat - with a hair straightener.
I did what was shown in the tutorial video, plus e-mailed Arda again and I'm asking here for extra help (again) because now my wig looks even worse.
My wig looked like this: [url]!AricqAWod9DvpXpe_BeB-rwLL4FL[/url] but with even more frizzed up fibers.
I even heard a tiny "sss" noise, which was weird because I previously styled my Magnum with heat and did not have a problem. My straightener was not even that high, about 20 degrees (Celsius) max.
...Please don't tell me I ruined my wig.

#2 EXEC_HYMME_MACARON on 2 years ago

.. Isn't 20 degrees celsius only 68 degrees fahrenheit? I wasn't aware straighteners went that low. Just checking to make sure it wasn't on a higher setting by mistake ?

As far as the 'sss' sound, was there any sort of moisture in your wig?

#3 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

Definitely no higher than 20, because my straightener set to that tempurature, and if I wanted it higher (definitely not needed) it would set. I even kept looking at the temp. meter.
No, no moisture of any kind, just more and more clumps :(
I even lowered the temp (because you can get sufficient heat even when it's low) and still kept clumping.

#4 EXEC_HYMME_MACARON on 2 years ago

What straightener do you have?

This is pretty odd cause I use my straightener set at 330 F ( about 165 celsius) on arda wigs just fine. 20 degrees Celsius shouldn't do anything. Heck it's barely luke-

#5 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

It's one of those Remington brand hair straighteners. Not sure what specific model. I know it's the weirdest thing :(. 20 degrees is not high for me either, as I said I styled previous Arda wigs with the same temperature and my wigs were ok.
Arda offered to have it looked at at Fan Expo, and not sure if I should fix it myself with a wide tooth comb (I want to pick one up anyways) or let one of their stylists look at it. They said I did have to pay for it (because they're also doing a service) but if they can fix it then I guess. Nothing is working for me so I'm tempted to do so.

#6 DlGlT on 2 years ago

I dont think it would hurt to try combing it yourself before having them look at it.

#7 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

DIGIT, Macaron thank you both for the help :). I did comb it with less than desirable results before heading to the con, however I did have Arda look at it at the con. They did not style it for me; but were able to show me how to fix it - so my wig is salvageable.
I just wanted to bring it in person to be 100% sure I didn't ruin it and know what happened. It's basically what DIGIT originally told me; but I got worried about the wig getting worse.
Anyhow it's resolved :)