Critique on my Gundam costume.

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#1 walkerofdarknes on 2 years ago

So I made my costume, wore it, and decided to rebuild it afterwards (now that con season is pretty much done). But I'd like some outside opinions if I could.

My costume: [url][/url]

Reference pics:
Full body: [url][/url]
Gun: [url][/url]

Some basic notes about it: Most of it is EVA foam and corrugated plastic wrapped in vinyl, held together with high temp hot glue. You can't see it, but there are lights in the gun and some more on the back. It's almost all covered in spray paints of varying colors.

So what I know already: There are missing parts on many of pieces, the gun needed to be designed differently, and the overall artistry is weak.

What I'm looking for: How far off are the proportions, rightness/wrongness of the materials, what might have been done better?

By all means, go all Face/Off on me. I was hoping to get some feedback from the contest judges, but I think they deleted their email accounts after the con.

#2 Midnight Dawn on 2 years ago

For starters, how experienced are you?

#3 walkerofdarknes on 2 years ago

Well, I'd qualify it as "novice". Maybe. This was my first time using EVA foam, corrugated plastic, really my first time building armor. My previous 2 cosplays were mostly sewing projects, with some woodworking experience from various things over the years. So you could rank me however you want from that.

#4 Midnight Dawn on 2 years ago

With your experience being a novice level I'd grade you between a high C to low B grade.

You definitely put a lot of effort into it. But you also have a lot of room to grow.

#5 walkerofdarknes on 2 years ago

What do you suggest are the biggest wrongs in that build, and what do you suggest to fix in future versions?

#6 Midnight Dawn on 2 years ago

First would be the proportions. If you were trying to go for a SD gundam then it would be more or less fine. Otherwise the overall appearance looks unbalanced with how bulky it is. It needs to be more sleek with curvature within it's design.

If you're interested there are some very devoted gundam cosplayers who made a tutorial guide. They have got some of the best I have ever seen.

#7 walkerofdarknes on 2 years ago

So you think it needs to be taller? Because getting it narrower isn't that easy. I have some space left over in there, but not that much.

#8 Midnight Dawn on 2 years ago

That's why a lot of gundam cosplayers incorporate silts in to offset the appearance and balance out the look.

But it all depends on how much you're willing to sacrifice for this art.

#9 Asmaria on 2 years ago

If you can't add height, and you can't go narrower, I would suggest making a better shape for the chest piece, and the proportion of the center green thingy definitely needs to be wider. That will offset the look of how wide those white parts in your torso look.

I know you can't go narrower in the middle, but if you think of your 'side seam' (basically under your arms between the front and back of your costume) and compare it to where those edges are that make the box shapes of the white, go for an optical illusion and bring those edges in a little bit in a >< shape. The original gundam definitely has a boxy hourlglass figure so if you can in any way try to make an optical illusion with some trapezoid-ish shapes, then that would help.

Do you have any figures? Tracing the shapes on those and cutting them out, then laying them flat and blowing them up larger will give you an idea of what shape your pieces should be when you build them for yourself. If you do that it may help you with leg shapes better. And even though you're making a robot suit, look at armor tutorials for battle armor and iron man. It helps a LOT with ideas for fitting things to your actual curves and leaving room to move. I've never made anything like this (just some simplistic battle armor), but from what I've seen those are a good place to start.

As for the helmet, I think those two dark green antennas \ / could go a bit lower on the red piece, and extend a teensy bit further, to make the red piece less glaringly large.

I think it looks really cool though! Great job for a first build!