Any one else here going?

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#1 joshkhan on 4 years ago

I'm super pumped for Dragon Con! Only about 6 weeks away! This will pretty much be my first real Con, I'm a little nervous, but definitely excited! I'm hoping to connect with others going cause I'm going by myself sadly (Sucks when your friends aren't into the same stuff as you lol) I still need to find a place to stay as well, and I have a few last minute things I have to do to my Quicksilver outfit.

#2 Monicator on 4 years ago

I'll be heading out there with some friends in tow. We are doing a Tekken group cosplay. Me and my best friend plan to be King and Armor King on different days and another friend will show up as Bob. It will be my 11th time going, Dragoncon is loads of fun, tons of things and stuff to do there. :D

#3 Clockwork_Ducky on 4 years ago

I'll be attending this year, which will be my 3rd year going. It is a fun convention, but can decidedly be overwhelming. Can't believe how close it is - I'm nowhere near done with my costumes. Oops.

If you haven't already, I highly suggest checking out the DragonCon Newbies Facebook group - there are a lot of really good things that get posted on there, and if you are in town on Thursday, they do a Newbies Tour and Introduction, which is an amazing thing to go to if it is your first time at DC. They point out all sorts of things, like where the con suite is, and where the major panel rooms are, as well as how to get around between the 5 host hotels.

Good luck finding a room. You may be commuting in from further out, as the Host Hotels sell out within a few minutes of the room reservations going live.

Have a blast! DragonCon is fun - but be sure to take some time to sit back and watch - there are so many things going on, you won't be able to do them all. Strike up conversations with people in line - it's a good way to meet people who are interested in similar things as you :)

#4 Hasina2006 on 4 years ago

I haven't been since 2012... I would like to go again sometime in the future, though money and time off are always issues. I do check the guest list every now & then to see if there's anyone I would make the effort to go for.

#5 splash!-ley88 on 4 years ago

Hopefully I can work enough between my three jobs to afford the hotel, then I will officially be attending for the first time! I'll be going as Mosquito Lady and my boyfriend will be cosplaying Action Bastard. Also, if anyone needs a spot to sleep, my room is available at the Holiday Inn Downtown. Can't wait to see the cosplays!

#6 alyssacarson on 4 years ago

I'll be headed there this year after taking a year off! I'm super excited!

#7 Sharpshot117 on 4 years ago

ill be there, as of now I'm trying to find more roommates for the room i got lol

#8 RedBaranCosplay on 4 years ago

This will be my first dragoncon as well :) I'm going with two friends and we're looking for another roommate if yous till need a place. PM met if interested!

#9 Padmik on 4 years ago

I'll be there~ bringing two simple cosplays so I'm not overwhelming myself and I can enjoy the con. Hoping this'll give me some cosplay motivation.