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#1 thranduwin on 4 years ago

Hi!!! Currently I'm working on Griffith and know a few people who fit certain characters almost to a T that might be willing to indulge me. I was thinking about hosting an in character q/a panel at the nearest convention. I've gone for the last two years, it's small cozy and affordable. The thing is I see people cosplaying these characters often enough but harldy ever in any kind of skit or panel. Obviously the series is dark and deals with heavy themes, it's not exactly as popular as other shows that came out around the same time. But I still love it, and I think it might be interesting to do something like this. Thoughts? Tips? Should I do it? Why or why not?
I'm desperate for opinions.

Thanks for your time!!!

#2 belligerent on 4 years ago

As someone who has run character ask panels for five years (I run what's probably the longest running hetalia panel at this point) and also cosplays berserk, here are some thoughts I have. A disclaimer: none of this is meant to discourage you, these are just things I feel like you should consider.

1. A lot of conventions seem to be cracking down on accepting so many IC ask panels. Berserk has had recent content and is different enough that it might give you more of a chance.

2. The panel would have to be 18+. Sometimes this helps your chances. Don't try to submit it as a general panel, though.

3. If you're familiar with other ask panels, and you're hoping to make a wacky panel experience like that, I don't think that's the audience that will be showing up. There is a lot of canon in berserk to have to know, and my immediate thoughts were that you're probably going to get a lot of smarmy berserk superfans trying to stump you to assess your worthiness. These are the same people who show up at hetalia panels to ask obscure history questions.

4. Just because someone looks a character doesn't mean they'll be good on a panel. If someone doesn't respond well when put on the spot, it is difficult to keep the audience engaged. If someone looks like the character perfectly but isn't so good at improv, it's worse in a way because if they LOOK good, they'll get targeted for questions.

I'm at work right now so I apologize if I didn't explain things thoroughly, but if I have any other thoughts I'll add them later.

#3 thranduwin on 4 years ago

This is all very helpful, thank you!!!
Looking back on it I'm not totally convinced this would be a good idea. I've been reading and watching this series for a decent amount of time (not completely caught 30 ish volumes to go!) And the friends I was thinking to employ have only ever heard of the golden age arc so that's not very prepared, I don't even know if they'd be willing to read it. I don't know that I was going for some exciting wacky experience. I haven't hosted before but I've directed a few panels organizing and everything as well as scripted intro/outros but overall the goal is to include the audience and make it as enjoyable as possible. As far as the die hards go, time and time again it's a pain in the glutes but I get it. Not feeling discouraged at all, nope! But to be serious here this was just and offhand thought I had that in my heart knew wasn't going anywhere, I had about 2 or 3 tamer, easier to manage panel ideas so I'll definitely have to spend time and expand on those as well.
I don't think I'll give up entirely yet, but I appreciate your advice. It's given me a more realistic way to look at this.
Have a good day!

#4 belligerent on 4 years ago

I think Griffith would be a good character for an ask panel but probably would be funnier in one that didn't have anything to do with berserk. a lot of people have some idea of who he is and if so, uh, "how" he is, we'll say... So the character is immediately recognized/understood, but putting him into a context outside of his usual setting allows you to be in character without the uncomfortable distress of interacting in a "funny" manner with characters he has, um, complicated, negative relationships with (trying to avoid spoiling people who don't know about this series heh).

for instance, people might find it funny if griffith showed up in the middle of a naruto skit asking about what this "becoming the hokage" business is all about and like, how does one go about doing that, anyway?

griffith saying something to casca might be really fucked up, but saying the same thing to say, sasuke would be humorous because there's not an established relationship dynamic to make things uncomfortable.