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#1 smartinettah on 4 years ago

i wanna do the caramelldansen for a skit, it finish with it and i have to dance it for 1:30 minute, do you think it's boring? i like caramelldansen but everyone on internet hate it :bigcry:

#2 Blood_Sword on 4 years ago

Personally I think that Caramelldansen is just... bleh and overrated. It's kinda "old" by now and I always thought that the dance moves for it looked silly and retarded. *shrug* I never understood the appeal of it and even though I'm Swedish and understand the lyrics I still don't like it. Honestly, if someone danced Caramelldansen for more than a minute, during a skit, I'd be thinking "lame" and be bored off my ass and go elsewhere.

Sorry for my brutally honest opinion, I don't mean anything bad. ^^" I just don't care for Caramelldansen but you're free to do whatever you like. There are people out there who like it but I'm sorry to say that I'm not one of them. I'm one of those who get annoyed by it really fast if I hear it on a loop somewhere, lol.

#3 belligerent on 4 years ago

Do you like sitting through even 10 seconds of something you don't like? What about 30? A minute? A minute and a half? Probably not.

If the Internet at large seems to be at a consensus on not liking something, I wouldn't do it unless you don't care if you're annoying people, and people would probably find a skit like this to be annoying.

If you absolutely must do this dance somewhere, have a meetup at the con for it so other people who don't find it annoying can willingly participate in doing this with you.

#4 CapsuleCorp on 4 years ago

Now see, I wouldn't mind a snippet of it. An homage, a callback to 10+ years ago when we all actually liked the song. DO NOT USE 1:30 OF ANY DANCE. ANY. DANCE.

Here's a quick way to understand why. Find a song you hate, one you absolutely loathe. Or a politician speaking, anything awful to listen to. Sit down with the timer on a clock. Start the audio, and sit there doing nothing, saying nothing, just watching the timer count for 1:30 while you listen to this thing. Hell, sit down with a clock timer and count 1:30 of absolute silence without looking at your phone or walking way, for that matter.

If you do that, you will realize what an eternity a minute and a half is. And this is why most people giving advice on skits say less is more and shorter is better.

#5 Syon on 4 years ago

Caramelldansen was a hype, a couple of years ago.
And this sentence should tell you enough about why the internet isn't too excited about it anymore. Its old and it never was good. Think about Nyan Cat. That "song" is probably on an even worse level of annoyance. Go to youtube an listen to it for 1:30 minutes. Now you know how Caramelldansen feels to those who hate it.

More generally speaking from a competition standpoint you'll probably lose against other skits with this one, because its kind of repetitve.

#6 smartinettah on 4 years ago

i don't know if people know it in italy because i have never heard here, btw thanks! i cut it and now it's 50 seconds, i hope it's short enough :)

edit for syon: I don't wanna win ahah i just wanna take part to the contest and have fun without annoy other people

#7 StarsOfCassiopeia on 4 years ago

The other problem is that the dance is incredibly repetitive, and with not really visually interesting dance moves. Even 50 seconds seems like a long time.

I'm with CapsuleCorp and Belligerent on this one-- I think 10 seconds of that is probably more than enough. A short callout to the dance as a retro meme reference? Sure. But I know I personally would be so put off by an entire dance skit that's just that song.

One way to make it better would be to work that bit of a song into a story. Is there a reason these characters are doing this silly dance? Does it give them crazy magical ninja powers? Are they trying to win a competition where being cute might help (such the Love Live! contest in LL:SIF)? Or could you maybe mash up a bunch of retro dances, and do a medley?

#8 Hunter_Ratri on 4 years ago

StarsOfCassiopeia has a good idea - work it into a medley!

Find other anime dances that were crazy peopular back in the day - for example Motteke! Sailor Fuku, Caipirinha, Paffendorf, or Hare Hare Yukai... maybe something from Love Live?

Other people might remember more but even for 50 seconds... it is a little annoying for man people since it is repetitive. But if it was a 50 second medley of a quite big group of various dances it could be quite entertaining.

#9 SuzuStarlight on 4 years ago

[QUOTE=Hunter_Ratri;5043216]Other people might remember more but even for 50 seconds... it is a little annoying for man people since it is repetitive. [/QUOTE]

I think that's the main problem with the Caramelldansen. As for the song, tastes differ, some still love it, some hate it. But the dance is basically just one movement over and over again- might be fun to do it for yourself or to goof of with friends, but it's nothing worth "presenting" on a stage basically. If you are on a stage, you try to entertain, maybe even impress the audience with something unique and interesting, which would be an actual choreography (which some of those meme-dances actually had, like Motteke! Sailor Fuku or Hare Hare Yukai) or maybe completely different lyrics.

Imagine watching a 2 second gif of a wiggling worm on the ground. Might be funny or interesting the first time, but the more it repeats, the more uninteresting it gets. Now imagine that the worm suddenly did something else- boom, interest is restored, because it's new and fresh.

Same goes for Caramelldansen. You just wave your hands and swing your hips over and over- people will get bored quickly and lose interest in your skit as a whole. For 50 whole seconds, you might wanna add some new moves if you really wanna go through with it.

StarsOfCassiopeia made some really nice suggestions on how to include it in a more interesting performance though, so try which of those ideas might work best for you and then present it to someon before finalizing it. Getting a reaction from other people might give you a hint on what the audience at the con will like as well! :)

#10 KuruttaKanashii on 4 years ago

There is always Caramelldansen Para Para, the extended version of the dance that has slightly more complicated dance moves.
I love doing the Caramelldansen. It's silly and fun and something of an anime con tradition. But for a skit? If you just want to take part, do something more in character. Does your character have a speech or famous line you could memorize and recite? Or just do a walk-on. On stage, pose, off stage.

#11 WildSpice on 4 years ago

Caramelldansen is overdone; if you are doing your skit in hopes of winning an award I wouldn't do it. If you are just doing the skit for fun, go for it!
I agree with the suggestions of adding some additional choreography if you're going to do it or do a snippet of it (max 30-40 seconds).

#12 Jigouku Chou on 3 years ago

I would be very careful with any dance skit, as they can get very boring very fast if not done just right and don't seem as creative to judges as a skit you thought up from scratch. The idea of doing the dance may be yours, but the dance is ultimately someone else's making and some judges will may judge it harshly. If you plan to do a dance, try your best to make it creative and make it yours.

As for the song choice, I agree with the others. It is a bit outdated but might be fun as a medley or homage.

#13 Amanita on 3 years ago

I rather like the medley idea- Caramelldansen, Gangnam Style, and a few other songs and dances mashed up in a fun way would be fun and entertaining, a nice trip down memory lane. But a minute and a half of just one (not very interesting) dance would be a really bad idea.

#14 belligerent on 3 years ago

it's been almost a whole year and since people keep randomly bumping this post, i have completely changed my mind, i think you should not only do this for over one and a half minutes but you should refuse to get off stage and the entire masquerade should just be you doing the caramel dance for however many hours until they call in the swat kats or whatever it is they do when somebody won't stop dancing. karl and teabag will show up in the turbo cat, literally do impossible hovery shit that regular jets cannot do, and take you away to cat prison (cat prison is just a box).

do you want to go to cat prison because you probably did not actually do this skit at the con you were planning on doing it at over a year ago? I think the answer is a resounding scientific no.