Katsucon 2018 Wrap-Up

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#1 Sonic Whammy on 1 year ago

Hey gang. [URL="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1_KhMEJVMs"]On last night's monthly podcast, we had a couple friends on from the Baltimore/DC area who gave us a report on what went down at Katsucon.[/URL] We talked about the panels, the cosplay (check out Memento Cosplay on FB for my friend's getups, she's awesome), and even a terrible incident someone had in their hotel after the con was over (go to the last 10 minutes for more on that).

I'm leaving this here so that if anyone would like to talk about how the con was for them, what they did, etc., please let me know. We don't get to go down there, really, so getting some feedback from what we know is a big east coast con would be awesome.

#2 Sapphirecatgirl on 1 year ago

This year was my 1st time there, it was awesome! All 3 of my cosplays got a lot of attention and I finally got several more professional photoshoots done. It was crowded, but coming from someone who goes to New York Comic Con, the crowds came as no surprise. For reference, I was Human Princess Luna on Friday, Frau on Saturday, and Maetel on Sunday. Definitely going again next year! :love:

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