Looking for Katsucon room

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#1 ChozoBoy on 10 months ago

Hey! Looking for a an inexpensive, chill room for one, but I have a friend looking too, if you want to fill two spaces. I don't mind if it's crowded or if I need to sleep on a couch, chair, or floor.

Not interested in a party room. I want a place that's respectfully quiet when someone is trying to sleep. You'd think that would go without saying, but I've had that problem a few times recently.

I'm a Nintendo fan and 29, from NJ, near Philadelphia.

New to Katsu, but I've been doing cons since 2005. I started a Metroid cosplay community about a year ago, and this is the con that they want to meet for, so I'm looking forward to trying it out! I don't drink or snore. :)