Big hole fishnet source?

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#1 raferguson on 2 years ago

I am looking for big hole mesh or fishnet material, but on line, the photos have no scale, so I cannot tell how big the holes are. The holes I see do not look very big, even if they call it big hole. Also, I am looking for material that is something like 80 to 90% hole and 10-20% material, and most of what I see on line looks like 50-50 hole vs material. I am looking for something like one might see in fishnet stockings.

Not sure exactly how big a hole I am looking for, maybe in the range of 1/4 to 1/2 inch. (about 1 cm). I am looking for black.

Anyone have any experience with this? A source? I am in the USA.

Thanks in advance,

#2 Penlowe on 2 years ago

As stockings? or for something else?

If it's for stockings, try the dance retailers, there are ones with the holes as big as an inch across.
If it's not for stockings.... dunno really. Learn to crochet? Crochet is the easiest technique to get really big mesh and something like fishnet is extremely beginner friendly as it's mostly just chain which is the very first thing one learns and the foundation for 90% of crochet projects.

#3 lunaflora on 2 years ago

found this on amazon 7mm Polyester Hex Mesh - Black Fabric - by the Yard. that's roughly 1/4 inch

#4 raferguson on 2 years ago

To answer Penlow, no, this is not a stocking. I had not considered making my own, but it would probably be too much work, and I have zero experience with crochet or making net.

The mesh that lunaflora found is not suitable for costumes, it is stiff, etc. Read the note below, from the questions on Amazon.

I'm making costumes. Has anyone cut, and sewn seams with, this fabric?

Yes and it was incredibly stiff and had none of the stretch I associate with this type of mesh in commercial products. I ended up dumping the whole project.
Thanks for your thoughts, let's see what else comes up

#5 lunaflora on 2 years ago

It'd really help if you told us what you want to use it for.

#6 raferguson on 2 years ago

Your question about what I am making is reasonable. I am thinking of a fishnet skirt, possibly a tube dress. She would wear something of a contrasting color under it, or perhaps the fishnet would be the outer layer, with solid material under it. It looks like lace over solid fabric is fashionable these days I am not trying to replicate a particular character, but it is a costume. Halloween is coming.

Honestly I don't know how this will work or look. I may decide that I don't want a fabric that is mostly holes, that I want a mesh that is mostly fabric with some small holes. I probably need to just hold up some combinations of fabric until we get a combination that we like. It does not require a lot of time or skill or material to make a pull on skirt from stretch material. Not having worked with this kind of material, I may decide that some of it is just too hard to work with.

I am really just learning to sew clothing, although I have been sewing since I was a kid.


#7 lunaflora on 2 years ago

Try looking at these. You mgith even find stuff you love that you didn't know you wanted. Ignore the nylon netting, tulle, or Russian netting. [URL][/URL]
in that search, I found [URL=""][/URL]
and [URL][/URL]
and [URL=""][/URL]

or try this website [URL=""][/URL]

#8 Ichigogami on 2 years ago

[url] (See Through)&navName2=[/url]

Scroll down, Big Fishnet is there and it's stretch. The only thing is that when Spandex house goes to charge your card, they call you first to make sure you ordered it so make sure you're available on your phone when they call...otherwise I've been super happy with all the fabric I've bought from them for various costumes