Could this character be done well?

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#1 An033055 on 3 years ago

I have thought about cosplaying as this character called Commander Beleth from the webcomic Floraverse. It has been on my mind for a while now and I have no idea about how tough it would be to cosplay this character or how I could pull it off. I am kinda new to this whole cosplay thing if you have not guessed.
Character: [URL=""][/URL]

#2 Cinder42 on 3 years ago

For one thing, oh my gosh I love this comic and it is awesome to see someone else reads it, their art is so BEAUTIFUL! Also, darling, you could very well cosplay that character! Would you be going for a more human or animal look? A humanized version could likely be done quite easily with a bit of sewing or thrift-shopping for the tuxedo/overalls and a white blouse. Perhaps a wig, some ears, tail and maybe even a little face-paint/makeup.

Or one could go into the more fur suite territory and commission a small head from someone along with a tail and maybe paws with the previous statement about the clothes still withstanding.

Or you could even go the road least traveled that I've started exploring in cosplay of prosthetics and such to perhaps straddle the line between the two extremes with maybe just a subtle cat-like muzzle along with the aforementioned ears, tail, and wig. along with some face painting may just help you minimalize risk of just looking like a generic neko-girl.

I'm sorry, I'm just exited by the idea!

#3 An033055 on 3 years ago

I would be going for the more humanized approach but I do not know what to exactly look for, like, should I commission for the outfit? I do see a problem though, the wig with the ears would be kinda hard to do because the characters hair is weird if you look from behind. Uh, here is an example on this page. [URL=""][/URL]

Would you know how to do this?
I am so stuck on how to do this. Also sorry for the late response.

#4 Cinder42 on 3 years ago

It's alright.

You could likely commission the outfit somewhere if you wanted, or just make it yourself fresh or just by altering some overalls.

As for the wig, my best estimate since you're going for a more humanized look and the exact "hair" is literally just bangs, I would say go for a more representative look. Perhaps buy a blond wig, styling the bangs as seen, then perhaps die the rest of the wig pink and style it so that the ends curled up around your cheeks, giving the impression of the pointy check fur of the character.

Ears can be made easily out of faux fur and foam or something and just attacked to clips or a headband to be put on the wig when all is said and done, or even sewn directly into the wig if you want to get extreme.

#5 Scunosi on 3 years ago

The clothes just look super-vintage, you might be able to find costume patterns for them.