MelanieWolfrin: Private Photoshoot for Otakuthon 2014

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#1 MelanieWolfrin on 5 years ago

[b][size=150]Wolfrin Studio[/b]
DeviantART journal: [url][/url]

This year I decided to do some private photoshoot at Otakuthon 2014.
So, here's my schedule for bookings a time slot. The twist this year is I am trying before and during the con. There is time slots for Thursday, for those who don't want it during the con, and there is for Friday. (take note, I reserve the right, if I have very low cosplayers on Thursday, to do longer shoots or leave early)
I ask that everyone PLEASE read through the details carefully. By sending me a request for a time slot, I will assume you have read and agree to the details below.

Thank you!

[b]======Cosplay Photo Shoots: Details and information======[/b]

Please reply to this post, as all pm [u]will not[/u] be counted in (you can use pm only if you want to share something private, but you need to book the time slot in the post), with the following information if you wish to book a time slot. I will not accept any requests for bookings unless in this format:
1) Name(s)
2) DeviantART / name (if applicable - this is to credit you)
3) Cosplay (characters and series with link to photos please)
4) Time slot you're interested in booking
=> Make sure you are reachable or I might ask someone else to take your place (you can send me by pm your email address for example)

I know how hard it can be to be a cosplayer as I am one myself. So, I ask donation in cash so I can fund more equipment. Please for my time and work I ask only a min. of 5$ per cosplayer in the shoot.
[u]Maximum of a group of 4 people.[/u]
If you think my work is worth more and you want to donate more, I won't stop you :D. I might add some neat photomanipulation in one of your photos if that is the case.

* Groups do not need to be from the same series, so you can split a shoot with friends and each get individual shots of your cosplays with no group shots.

[b]About the goods[/b]
Please have fun going trough my DA page here: [url][/url]
Photomanipulation: [url][/url]

[b]What you need to know[/b]
Poses; I try my best in posing people that are not sure how to do it. I would like that you talk to me about the personality of you character if I do not know it, but in the end, you know your character better than I will. You can practice poses in the mirror or with someone, if needed.

Think like you character; It helps to think how your character moves and react. I can also try to make some scenario so I can have the right expression if you seem to have a hard time. All in all, if you practice in advance it helps to keep the shoot moving and so we aren't stalling trying to think of something to do.

[b]Be On Time[/b]; Please Please Please! This is very important for everyone. I understand we can be late sometimes and so I will leave a 15 minutes between shoots. However, if within the 15 minutes you have not appeared for the shoot, the shoot will be cancelled and it will heavily influence whether or not I will work with you again in the future. Please be courteous of my time and I will be of yours as well.

[b]*=*>[/b]One place shoot; This year I am trying something new to make sure I get the most cosplayers in my schedule. Since there is only one of me and a lot of yous (yes I said yous haha) I will be able to cover many shoots this way. It will be a first experience and I know I can make this work. I already have 2 location in mind. One outside that I will choose as my 1st location and if no rain, will be my only spot, but if you see rain, any kind, I will be at the second location.

1st location here are directions. Takes about 5 to 10 mins depending of your kind of walking from the coloured glass window exit door of the convention (passed the big pink trees):
======Location link photos: [url][/url] (written version: 1- From coloured windows 2- Towards parking 3- Trough parking pink dot 4- Once you crossed parking continue 5- Towards trees 6- I'll be waiting on the stairs. If I am not on the stairs you can wait for me over there.)
====Location description; There is a background church, trees, stones, buildings, stairs.

2nd location directions (ONLY IF RAIN): Most places that are interesting at the con are either taken by gathering shoots or there is a lot of people on sight. Location are very limited since the con keeps getting bigger. The 2nd location will be passed the pink trees towards the exit of the colored windows ground floor. I will be sitting on some couches before the door on the left side (if you are coming from the pink trees.)

All information will be kept confidential.
For easier sending of the photos, please send me your E-mails via pm. It will be kept to send out the final photos in a .zip file which will include all the photos, both with and without my watermark.

Final photos can be used for whatever you see fit, including posting them online, printing them, sending them in for publication, showing them to family and friends, etc...
Be aware that I reserve the right to post the photos from the shoots on my DeviantART, Facebook, and pages, as well as for publication as self-promotion of my photography.

Time Slots (1h each shoot - 15 mins between)

I will update with a more accurate hour once I know it myself. I will try to be at the location by 1pm.

I will again keep you updated. I will try to start at noon.
12:00- visuvampy Costume: [url][/url]
5:15- Diner
6:15: DA ore-samaAkeno Costume: [url][/url]

*I will keep the schedule as up-to-date as possible so that booking times are accurate.
I think I covered everything. Please send me a message if you have any question or post in this thread.

Have a wonderful Convention!