Anna's winter headpiece

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#1 GirlWhoMadeIt on 5 years ago

Hi, I am working on gathering patterns and supplies to make Anna's winter traveler outfit from Frozen. I am having difficulty with the headpiece she wears. Does anyone know what that thing is called? Or where I could find a pattern for one? It's like a head piece/headband thing that goes around the back of her head and over her ears. I have attached a picture. If anyone has any advice on how to make it or where I might find a pattern/starting piece, that would be much appreciated.


#2 Chikkijet on 5 years ago

I would call it a bonnet, looks like a basic cap style with two seams on the sides and then a cut back front edge with fur trim added... you could probably pattern one out with felt scraps in a mini size to get an idea of how it goes together. It really reminds me of a giant baby cap, so I guess the pattern would be similar.

I know there's an actual name for it but can't recall at the moment

#3 Chikkijet on 5 years ago

This pattern is for kids but should be the general idea:

[URL=""]Anna bonnet & cape[/URL]

This seller also has Elsa patterns. (Not my shop, just had it bookmarked)

#4 Biscuit on 5 years ago

it always reminded me of a Tudor era 'coif'. here is a sized down pattern. I believe each square has to be 1 inch sized up. print it, and then tape together to make the pattern. and then cut out two of the back/center piece and 4 of the sides. and sew wrong sides together and turn right side out, and whip stitch the opening closed. then you have Anna's coif/hat. you may have to play with the sides a bit to give it the curve she has. but this basic shape should really help.
sorry the picture is so big can't figure out how to scale it down.