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#16 Kaijugal on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Wenora;4842884]For the doll costume contest, it says on the Rules that Friday is the drop off.. Is that the set-up time and day, then Saturday is the display/judging day?

I don't see the finer details for this contest, like what size for display each contestant is allowed. If we are allowed more than one entry, can we enter one entry but both dolls together in a display/diorama? Or is it strictly one doll per display?

~Unless I may have missed an update about this contest.. :X I am interested in entering and clueless on how to go about it.[/QUOTE]

Hello Wenora,

Thank you for your questions. Drop off for the dolls is no earlier than 10am the Friday of the show and no later than 5pm except with special permission.

We accept dolls of all sizes and proportion, and a person may enter up to 8 dolls. Yes you may have your dolls together in a diorama. (Please make a note for judges on your entry form if you'd like the dolls judged individually or together).

I will have further updates about this soon. No worries you will not be turned away. :)

I look forward to seeing your doll entries. :) Please do introduce yourself when you drop them off Cheers!

#17 CapsuleCorp on 5 years ago

Well here's a crazy/dumb question...

For us Americans coming in, how much CDN cash do you recommend having on hand? Do restaurants/Starbucks/parking downtown take American credit/debit or should we plan to pay cash at these locations? It's been literally 15 years since I visited Canada and technology has changed a LOT since then so I have no idea what flies and what doesn't. Especially if we're planning to go to Queen Street on a fabric-shopping binge.

Also, I hear conflicting things about gratuities paid on food and such. Yes? No? As you please?

#18 ShinobiXikyu on 5 years ago

Queen Street; Bring money in general. LOTS of money. Any decent fabric that you'd want to bring home for not being able to get it elsewhere on Queen street that you don't dig through bins for, runs about $20 a metre/yard at least, more if you want fancier stuff like silk or sequined laces (one jawdropping example was $250 a yard for hand-sequined Italian lace...), plus 13% sales tax on everything. A decent rule of thumb is to take what you're used to paying in the US, add $5 if it's $10 or more a yard and the sales tax and that should cover most increased pricing or location-related inflation There's one fabric store run by an old Italian guy who has GORGEOUS Italian fashion-house silks and jerseys, but I keep forgetting the damn name of the place. It's on Queen Street west near Spadina, if you find the place and mention you're from wayyy out of town he might give you an extra gift or a discount (honestly though, I think he just makes up a lot of his prices...). Don't walk into Mokuba without a black Amex, they are CRAZY expensive for trims and ribbons (any kind you need, but averaging $40 a yard...).
Tim Hortons- there's one near the convention centre, though further up the road near the convention centre where Anime North gets held (seriously, just ask any CC attendee who's been to Anime North and we'll happily be your tour guides)- usually takes American cash (they have the exchange rate posted on the menu boards) but gives back Canadian change. No idea about Starbucks, I refuse to set foot in one.
American credit cards are widely accepted, especially in hotel restaurants, but I dunno about debit. For restaurants if you bring cash? A decent sit-down dinner with a split appetizer, entree and something to drink will run you about $25-$30 on average plus a tip, safer to bring $40. Dealers and Artist Alley, it depends massively and is usually a person-to-person basis. Also, there's plenty of banks and a Foreign Exchange place in the downtown area, you can exchange money or traveller's cheques or a cash advance there too. Also to note; we've done away with pennies. All change is rounded to the nearest 5 or 0. (So if something's $2.26, it's actually $2.25 if paying cash,$3.39 is $3.40, etc.) Sometimes they do it on credit or debit transactions too but not that often.

Food is usually a 13% sales tax when it's a sit-down establishment, under $4 no tax (so just a coffee or such, no full sales tax, I think it's just 5%), not sure about fast food if you're getting a full meal ($10 is more than enough for a full combo meal at somewhere like a McDonalds, and there's a Harveys near the convention hotel), generally no added tax at grocery stores, and the standard tip for restaurants is 15%. Fabrics, and hotel stays, are the full 13%. (This may help as for what's 13% and what's just 5% or nothing- [url]http://www.fin.gov.on.ca/en/tax/hst/exemptions.html[/url] ) Not sure if parking adds taxes, but be warned, it is HARD to find parking in downtown Toronto. I really recommend leaving your car at the hotel and taking the bus/subway downtown. It's $3 cash fare (you need exact change, drivers don't carry any) each way, a fairly long ride from all the way out where the con is (I've been through this route MANY times due to it being in the same spot as Anime North) but it saves the hassle of trying to park and you get to see more of the city (there's a big gorgeous gorge you go over on that line of the subway...). If you do that, Osgoode station is where you want to get off at, as the fashion/fabric district is just a few blocks from it. You don't need to switch lines, just stay on the same train til the stop comes. You want to head westbound out of the station (follow the exit signs that mention "Streetcars westbound", it'll be around your left), if you've gone out the right way then turn right around where you come up the steps, cross the street behind you (the intersection of Queen street west and University avenue) and turn right to head westward down queen street west at that intersection (I recommend google maps, the exit can be weird, but if you pass Simcoe street and the Rexall pharmacy when heading out of the station/intersection, and/or ask someone which way Spadina or which way west is along Queen street west, and head that way, you're good).

All that said, if you want a list of various shops to peruse and their addresses, PM me! I've got a big handout from fashion school of stores in the area.

#19 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 5 years ago

Although I do a lot of online fabric shopping. I love shopping Queen Street though for crazy finding and hard to find shades in fabric.

Ontario for food is definitely more expensive then the states both the initial price and taxes. But a general rule is that food is about 20% to 40% I found after visiting Florida, Boston, and NYC.

BUT your US conversion currency is worth more right now so I recommend hitting a bank to get CAN cash. I don't think the shops will give you the best rate. ;)

Any restaurant will expect a tip unless your in China town/ Korea area (15%-20%). Fast food don't get anything usually. Although at Tim's for a tip people sometimes give the change it not expect but the regular do.

#20 von Drago on 5 years ago

Are the Queen street shops open on Monday?

I would love this list of shops! I will PM you!

#21 ShinobiXikyu on 5 years ago

Most are. Sunday, most are closed, but almost everything will be open Monday. Derfinitedly a yes onThursdasy.

#22 CapsuleCorp on 5 years ago

Thank you, Shinobi!! That is fantastic information and I think I'm going to print that out before we leave. We're certainly taking CDN cash out from our bank before we go, we just wanted to get an idea of what we would actually need cash for, versus whipping out our cards.

Believe me, I'm making a point to get my breakfast at Tim Horton's at least once, but Friday morning before the board meeting I'm gonna need my Starbucks just to be able to walk without lurching.

#23 ShinobiXikyu on 5 years ago

Not sure how many people are aware of this, but sady, there's been a new sales tax grab for hotels. Makes taxes go from 13% to 16% and man am I pissed.


#24 may55 on 5 years ago

As a side note in terms of food. A bit farther down the road there is a Timmy's with a Coldstone (Ice cream place) attached to it, which is great if the weather is hot. If I am correct I think credit may charge a fee for money conversion, but you should check that just in case. Also I am not sure if this is common knowledge but in Canada the iced tea is sweetened (I found out that the US mainly serve unsweetened tea, to my shock).

#25 Chibi Lenne on 5 years ago

You can definitely use your cards up here, I think the only one that you can't use is Discover Card (I think not 100% sure) Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX though are all accepted, and most of the shops down on Queen Street have machines now so you can use them.

Just,make sure you call your bank/credit card company before you leave to let them know you're travelling lol.

Also... if for some reason you have any gift cards for... McDonald's, Starbucks, etc... US cards will -not- work in Canada sadly :(

#26 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 5 years ago

Yeah gift card only work in the country of origin. ;) I keep have to tell MUA'ers this when they offer up gift cards for swapping. lol

#27 Sarcasm-hime on 5 years ago

US debit cards may not be accepted at businesses (credit cards are fine) but you can use your US debit card to withdraw Canadian money at ATMs here.

Re: prices on Queen St, most of the time I find stuff I want for $12-20 per yard, but I tend to avoid the super-pricy places if possible. My favourite go-to shops are Affordable, Trendy Fabrics, Fabrics By Designer (little place downstairs across from Affordable) and the King Fabrics bargain basement is particularly awesome.

#28 ShinobiXikyu on 5 years ago

My go-to is King Textiles (woohoo, student discount card), but every time I nearly get crushed by the hazardously-stacked bolts of fabric. I almost miss Fabricland for it NOT being full of giant piles of textiles that will collapse if you sneeze and require you to shed all outwerwear to fit through the aisles...
Oh yeah, and Affordable has superhero prints. They're quite prominently displayed (and also the "haphazardly stacked piles" type of store).

#29 Chibi Lenne on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=ShinobiXikyu;4853131](and also the "haphazardly stacked piles" type of store).[/QUOTE]

Oh you mean Olivander's XD

#30 ShinobiXikyu on 5 years ago

Here's a masquerade related one- for my Quorra costume, I haven't taken much for WIP photos (pretty well just planned for the electronics work this weekend), but I'm really darn proud of having drafted all the patterns myself as nothing commercial is remotely close to the design. Can you bring in hand-made patterns for documentation at the sci-fi/fantasy masquerade in that case? And get them back after? They're all in a big manila envelope and labelled.

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