Measles outbreak?

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#1 xcvi on 5 years ago

I'm just wondering what you guys think of this. There's a measles outbreak in the area...
At every con some sort of con plague goes around and you can do your best to avoid it but.. the measles? That spreads through the air and it's extremely contagious... A convention just seems like the perfect situation for it to spread. Would they actually postpone a HUGE convention for something like this?

#2 _akariri_ on 5 years ago

At this point, they probably wouldn't post-pone the convention; most people in the area, and in the United States in general have been vaccinated against the measles. The best bet for people would be to be vaccinated, most likely.
They haven't raised anything about it on the website or on the forums, so obviously it's either a small enough problem that the staff feels it won't affect anyone or they're completely clueless of this.

#3 xcvi on 5 years ago

It isn't like it's something that's extremely dangerous. It's very rare for it to actually cause anything harmful and that only happens in babies, old people, and people with immune system problems. I suppose actually getting it wouldn't be any more of a problem than getting the usual con plague... I was just curious because the news has been making a big deal about it lately!