Does anyone have extra space to fit another person into their hotel?

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#1 CloseQuartersCo on 5 years ago

Hey there everyone! This is all really last minute for me. I really really really want to go to Anime Boston, but I don't have anyone to go with and that means I need a room. I'd need a room from March 20th (Thursday) to March 23rd (Sunday), but if people only have rooms from March 21st (Friday) to March 23rd (Sunday) then that's okay too.

I want to make another cosplay video like I did at Katsucon 20 for Anime Boston 2014. If anyone has extra space to fit another person, then just give me a message. I would be very grateful.

Thanks in Advance,
Elrodson Quiroz (Close Quarters Cosplay)

If you guys want to check out my videos :)

Katsucon 2014: Epic Cosplay

An Introduction to Close Quarters Cosplay

If anyone would rather message me on facebook

#2 Sayoria on 5 years ago


Ask here. Far better odds.

#3 CloseQuartersCo on 5 years ago

Ahhhh! Thank you :)