Assassin's Creed cosplay meetup SDCC 2014

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#1 Clown Prince on 5 years ago

So I'm currently putting together my Edward Kenway cosplay for SDCC 2014. Is anyone else doing an Assassin's Creed related costume and would be interested in a meetup? It's only one month away and so far I can't see to find any meetup posts anywhere.

#2 SuperSchwiizer on 5 years ago

Yo, I was the organizer of the Fanime AC photoshoot, and I'll be there with several different Assassin cosplays. This is my first SDCC so I'm not sure what there is in the way of cosplay gatherings, but a nice chill meetup would be pretty cool.

#3 Opacus02 on 5 years ago

I'll be bringing my Connor cosplay. Friday is the AC panel so something on that day would be good if we're gonna get something organized. Earlier in the day and then all of us getting into line together would be pretty cool.