Gundam Universe Gathering 2014!

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#1 jetspectacular on 6 years ago

Hello~! i'll be subbing in for Mirai Noah this year on organizing! I know that there will be a group of Gundam Build Fighters cosplay as well, but that will be a separate gathering-- I'm hoping to construct a Plavsky table for the Fanime gathering so that multi-universe cosplayers can take photos with it for THIS gathering~

Please reply here if you're interested in bringing Gundam cosplay to Fanime! We will determine the date and time after enough people report in!

Gundam Universe Gathering 2013:
Day: TBD
MP/L: [URL=""]G8a (map)[/URL]

List of Attendees:

Mobile Suit Gundam
Jetspectacular - Lalah Sun

[B]MS Igloo
[B]08th MS Team
[B]Zeta Gundam
[B]Gundam Unicorn
[B]G Gundam
[B]Gundam Wing
[B]Turn A Gundam
[B]Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny
[B]Gundam AGE
[B]Gundam Build Fighters

#2 will [ishida] on 6 years ago

HARU IREI, Beginning Gundam, ikimasu!

#3 Mirai Noah on 6 years ago

Not sure which costume, but I will be there :)

#4 Officer Boris on 6 years ago

Count me in for sure as Quattro again! My girlfriend is already putting together a Zeta Amuro so it's going to be fun! Oh man, with that table, I wonder if I should bring my Hyaku Shiki gunpla?

Oh, and if you're going to be Lalah, expect me to pick you up and twirl you around, you cutie butt!

#5 zanderwitaz on 6 years ago

I'll do my best!

#6 Pantsu_chan on 6 years ago

i'm hoping to have audrey burne's zeon uniform done for long as the meetup isn't saturday (i'm totally booked up with other costumes/meets) i should be able to go!!

if i can't finish her, i can always bring relena again.

#7 jetspectacular on 6 years ago

Ok, going to be looking at Sunday as the Meetup day~ Sunday moring maybe? (10-11 start time ish)

#8 Officer Boris on 6 years ago

Oh nooooo, I leave on Sunday... I mean I guess I could stick around long enough but... hm.

#9 Mirai Noah on 6 years ago

Sunday works for me! I'll probably be doing some uniform and wig mixing and be Sayla from Mobile Suit Gundam this year :)

#10 will [ishida] on 6 years ago

Sunday's less convenient for me since I'm commuting but I'll try my best to make it!

#11 Artemis.exe on 6 years ago

I'm interested in attending this gathering. I'll be cosplaying as Loran Cehack from Turn A Gundam. :3
Missed last year's Gundam gathering because Loran wasn't done by then, but now he's all good to go! :D

#12 Mirai Noah on 6 years ago

Blargh, I can't make it Sunday morning anymore :(

#13 will [ishida] on 6 years ago

I'm flying down to SoCal on Saturday night so I've gotta miss this gathering as well...