Costumecon 32 did you tooked my picture?

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#1 loki555 on 5 years ago

I am surprised that nobody started a thread so i tought i could start it. This is the thread to ask if somebody tooked a pic of you. Mods are free to stick this.

#2 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 5 years ago

Yes here's my list. ;)

Friday - Jack

Saturday - Souryuu

Sunday - Red Queen

#3 Boreotheria on 5 years ago

Friday: Urania, Muse of Astronomy
... I have no really clear pics of this! A friend took a few shots of me sitting at a table at the social. I never got any non-spontaneous shots done. Whoops. Um, if you got pics, I was wearing a dark blue chiton and baby blue himation with silver edging and rhinestone star details, and a starry tiara, and was carrying a celestial sphere made of a painted styrofoam ball covered in more star and rhinestone stickers.

Sunday: [URL=""]Ori the Dwarf (fem)[/URL]
Yes, that was a wig. People kept getting surprised. Were they just being nice? Next time I need to make the beard more prominent so that people can see it and note that it matches the hair...