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#1 seerakosumosu on 6 years ago

[b]Hotel: [/b][font=trebuchet ms]Fairmont[/font]
Just 2 blocks away. This is where all the panel rooms will be. Walk to the con anytime in minutes!
[b]Room Type:[/b] 1 Standard room with one bed, and one roll-away on request
[b]Days Booked:[/b] Days 0 - 4, May 22 - May 26
[b]Spaces Left: [/b][b]4 spaces[/b] at [color=#ff0000][b]$160 for bed*[/b] or [color=#ff0000][b]$100 for floor[/b]
[b]Preference:[/b] 18+ required. Minors are accepted with conditions
Females preferred but courteous males may apply.

[i][b]. . . looking for an experienced room head?[/b][/i]
A female in my twenties, I've been attending AX since 2003 and this is my 7th year running hotel rooms in DTLA for a group of 30+ people. I have also attended San Diego Comic Con for the past 7 years and this will
be my 8th year attending! However, this is my first Fanime.

[i][b]. . . looking for a no-headaches room?[/b][/i]
I do charge a small overhead in case of cancellations, damages, or theft. You will not pay any more than stated here and you only need to worry about your spot (but be prepared to pay for any damages you make). I take care of everything else, such as any hotel or roommate issues.

[*][i]No damages, theft, or additional charges to the room without permission[/i]
[*][i]Shower daily[/i]
[*][i]NO smoking but minimal drinking is fine - no parties allowed[/i]
[*][i]Avoid inviting guests back to the rooms[/i]
[*][i]Don't stay out past 3 am as we all need sleep.[/i]
[*][i]Please practice basic common courtesy.[/i]
** I've never had this happen but if you do cause problems, you will be kicked out of the room without a refund and you will be liable for any and all damages.

[b]Payment: [/b][i]must be received ASAP. Your spot isn't reserved until paid in full[/i]
Accepted forms of payment are checks, money orders, or online transfers using BofA.
You may also deposit cash directly into my bank account at your local BofA branch.
[b][u]NO PAYPAL![/u][/b]
** If you cancel for any reason, your payment will be forfeit.

[b]Contact: [/b]seerakosumosu[at]gmail[dot]com
1. Please use the subject [b][u]"Fanime 2014 Room"[/u][/b] so that your email doesn't get misdirected.
2. Don't forget to include a link to your facebook, twitter, or some type of online identity and also include a bit of information about yourself, such as age, gender, and hobbies.

Please follow the contact rules. I won't respond to PMs, or emails without the requested info.

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