Big Hero 6?

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#1 tsukeru on 5 years ago

I'm tempted to do a Hiro Hamada cosplay soon. I just can't decide if I want to go with the Marvel version or Disney version or both.

#2 schmemy on 4 years ago

Yay I was hoping this thread existed. It's a few months old but whatev :P

Going to cosplay Honey Lemon in her casual outfit for a con in January. I'm excited! So many cartoon women are small and cute, but Honey is so tall and lanky like me!

#3 division-ten on 4 years ago

One of my friends who is a big name cosplayer goaded me into making Baymax since they are going as Hiro to Katsucon. Hoo boy.

#4 Waifu Beam on 4 years ago

Got Hiro on my list and my friends want to be Honey Lemon and Baymax. :'D

#5 xIkuna on 4 years ago

Really tempted to do Gogo in her casual outfit!

Maybe in the future when I don't suck I'll make her super suit?

#6 destinedpromise on 4 years ago

Going to Hiro Hamada then bring the costume next year to the con I usually go to, There are pics in my gallery but this is just a closet cosplay now sadly :c I have to make it an actual cosplay~:3

#7 schmemy on 4 years ago

I've made a fair amount of progress on Honey's outfit! Particularly with the [URL=""]sweater[/URL], [URL=""]shoes[/URL], and [URL=""]dress[/URL].

I have the top layer of tights, but I ordered a second pair of tights in plain white to make the coverage more opaque. I plan on adding a lot of glitter spots to the top layer of tights, which are already sparkly, but not enough for my tastes. :P I also need to dye the sweater a bit brighter yellow, if I can, and sew on those strawberry buttons, as well as sew the headband and attach some shorts to the dress (it's sO SHORT).

And then I'm all done and I'll be able to wear her for a cosplay ice skating event next month, yay!

#8 pyjamalion on 4 years ago

I will be GoGo sometime soon in her causal outfit, maybe I can attempt to make her super suit later...

#9 TonyChopper23 on 4 years ago

I'm so glad this thread exists! :) I will be going to Anime Los Angeles as Tadashi Hamada :) I look forward to seeing all of your costumes~ please post pictures when you are done! :D

#10 division-ten on 4 years ago

Got my Beymax vinyl fabric. I need lots and lots of upholstery foam for padding though.
Should I use vinyl glue or sew it? I'm not trying to glue it out of short cutting (I've never glued a costume actually) but I've heard it's better to glue vinyl than sew.

#11 schmemy on 4 years ago

[URL=""]FFFFINALLY DONE[/URL]! Except man, the headband, glasses, and wig all put together sure do give me a headache really quick. X_X I'll have to figure out how to fix that eventually.

#12 nekoromancy on 4 years ago

[URL=""]Here's my Hiro cosplay!![/URL] I'm going to wear him at Anime LA. I'm so excited. He's the first male cosplay I've made and I think I did a good job.

#13 ayaasan on 4 years ago

Just thought that I'd pop in and say hello! :D

I'm currently working on a Honey Lemon costume to match my friend as GoGo for Wondercon, and I'm too excited--her personality is pretty much me at a convention, and combined with an adorably YELLOW outfit? (my favorite color) How could I resist? :P I'm actually way too short for the character, but my friend is barely 5' and with heels I'm 5' 8", so it'll look good for photos, haha.

I also thought that I'd offer if anyone is interested--I got frustrated trying to paint the designs on my dress because I'm a perfectionist, so I created the pattern and posted it on spoonflower. I'll have pics of the finished print on kona cotton when it arrives tonight. :)

#14 no-limit on 4 years ago

I've done a Hiro costest today:

Im considering gogo or Honey though haha and I'd love to build a baymax.

#15 Dreamerwolf on 4 years ago

Just wanted to show off newly finished piece, Honey Lemon's purse. I did sacrifice a screen accuracy because I saw this heart shaped sensor that just called to me! It's fun because this is for my 11 year old daughter and it's a touch sensor, so she can pretend to punch in the codes and it lights up. Very cool.