Fire Emblem cosplay 2014

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#1 DarakuTenshi on 5 years ago

This is quite early but my friends and I were very excited planning for this year's NYCC. We want to form a group of Fire Emblem cosplays for a Friday meet up and possibly photoshoot. It would be awesome if we can find other Fire Emblem fans to talk and take pictures with together.

Characters we have so far:
Basillio - Friend
Chrom - Ventus
Lucina - Friend
Owain - Kaze Saffire
Ricken - sillymyway
Roy(DLC) - Sastis
Sully - Friend
Sumia - Friend
Tharja - DarakuTenshi
Yen Fay - Friend

Location: TBA, any suggestions?
Date: Friday October 10, 2014
Time: TBA

#2 Ventus on 5 years ago

Goin to bring Great Lord Chrom to the fray. Don't be shy ppl, letz work up those support lvls ;)

#3 Sastis on 5 years ago

Going as DLC Awakening Roy. Can't wait for this it'll be fun :)

#4 Kaze Saffire on 5 years ago


#5 DarakuTenshi on 5 years ago

I have a friend who is doing Lucina, and I'm planning on doing Tharja. Can't wait to see everyone's FE cosplays <3

#6 Ventus on 5 years ago

Also will be having a Basillio & Yen'fay joining us

#7 DarakuTenshi on 5 years ago

lolol all these men in the group, boy support convos will be interesting ohohoho

some friends are interested in Sully and Sumia, crossing my fingers they'll join us XD

#8 sillymyway on 5 years ago

I should be attending as Ricken! This sounds like a lot of fun! C:

#9 DarakuTenshi on 5 years ago

Welcome aboard sillymyway =D

#10 DarakuTenshi on 4 years ago

Sorry about the lack of updates! How about we meet around 1pm at the 34th st entrance and then take pictures in the lower level by the stairs? There's lots of windows that let in natural sunlight.