PGSM Live Action Breast Plate?

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#1 CallistoKurai_2 on 4 years ago

I've always been a fan of the live action, and now I really want to do Sailor Mars (Or any of those senshi in general, I can't choose!). I want to be as accurate as possible to the design, but the only thing that stumps me is the breast plates. The PGSM ones seem to be made from like a foam-like material, and are in two pieces rather than one big one. The shoulder rolls also confuse me, since they're probably not stuffed like everyone usually does to their rolls. I've seen people recommend craft foam, and some recommend upholstery foam, but I want to know if there are other or better options.

Reference photos: [URL=""]1[/URL] [URL=""]2[/URL] [URL=""]3[/URL] [URL=""]4[/URL]

(Also, is it just me, or do their skirts seem more like a 4-way stretch fabric? From the last photo, it looks like that from how wavy the pleats(?) are.)

#2 Fabulousity on 4 years ago

Yay PGSM love!!! Personally, I would use neoprene for the breastplate. It seems like that would be the easiest material to work with. It would still give you the foam-y padded look, but you could work with it like regular fabric, instead of trying to sew craft foam. When it comes to the shoulder rolls, the costume designers definitely weren't thinking of the future cosplayers because those babies look specially molded. You could try sandwiching some cording [URL=""]like this[/URL] between two pieces of neoprene, and either gluing it together carefully, or marking where you want the piping to go and sewing channels for them. Good luck!