Shingeki No Meet up

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#1 khforeverfan on 5 years ago

Any attack on titan cosplayer going to megacon 2015 or swampcon 2015 and want to just hang out and have a photo shoots with other snk cosplayer c: or if your looking for an Eren jeager cosplayer (I cosplay Eren) 😊

#2 TaliaRosalie on 5 years ago

I plan on attending as Petra Ral

#3 Aromatissue on 5 years ago

I'll be Hanji Zoe :D

#4 Future Hokage on 5 years ago

I will be Captain Kitts Woreman

#5 AxelWinters on 5 years ago

Im also going as Eren but if you need a Levi I could put that together instead :) all iv got so far is the jacket and cloak