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#1 WondererBailey on 5 years ago

So yeah, I can't really express my love for this series other than the fact that this is hands down my favorite "Slice of Life" series....ever. I can honestly say that it's the only one I watch regularly and enjoy more with each watching. Though it was an acquired taste at first...but now I absolutely love it.

But anyway! To keep this cosplay related, I noticed that there aren't a whole lot of Genshiken cosplay. I mean, there were about three pages, but they were all of basically the same two or three characters. Nothing wrong with that, but I'd been hoping for more variety.

These kinds of series though are hard to cosplay since they're basically just everyday people. Or rather, everyday otaku~ And I don't mean hard that the outfits are difficult to make of course ^-^)/

So yeah, I was just wondering if there are others out there who enjoy this series and cosplay or plan to cosplay characters from it? I plan on cosplaying Kenjiro Hato, because he's adorable and there's just the over all amusement of cosplaying a guy who dresses as a girl. Plus I can be all fujoshi-like and still be in-character <3.

#2 Otaku Gunso on 5 years ago

definitely the route you'd take for a more simple approached to cosplay I think.

#3 WondererBailey on 5 years ago

It's certainly one of those series where people would probably have to know it to know that you're cosplaying from it XD. Or if you had a group doing all the characters or something....

Ah~ But still, it's something I'll probably end up doing eventually ^-^)/

#4 Mehdia on 5 years ago

It's been a while since it was on my list, but I had thought about cosplaying Saki when she's cosplaying...oh god I can't remember the's been too long since I read/watched Genshiken. It really is an amazing series though that is under appreciated.

#5 Otaku Gunso on 5 years ago

I think because its super casual wear that even for those who have seen the series and/or are familiar with it still its unlikely that anyone would recognize you. Maybe if you had a sign or something xD

#6 WondererBailey on 5 years ago

Indeed, that is true -shrug-

Still, I think it would be something fun to do. And I have no problem wearing a sign if need be *A*)b (and the need will probably be lololsob).

#7 ShiroKanade on 5 years ago

I'm actually gonna do Hato this weekend for Pacific Media Expo!

But not many or at all will recognize me...T_T

#8 WondererBailey on 5 years ago

I demand photo's! XD

-cough- I mean, that's awesome! >w<)b

#9 ShiroKanade on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=WondererBailey;4928723]I demand photo's! XD

-cough- I mean, that's awesome! >w<)b[/QUOTE]

Will do!