Fire emblem 2015

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#1 lindseyleigh828 on 3 years ago

Ill be bringing Lethe from FE: Radiant dawn to ausa. If anyone else planning on bringing any fire emblem cosplays from any of the games, I'd be happy to meet up and maybe take a few pics. Anyone interested?

#2 0The0Midget0 on 3 years ago

My boyfriend and I did Lon'qu and Tharja from FE:A and will be bringing said cosplays back to AUSA. We would love to meet up for a shoot.

#3 lindseyleigh828 on 3 years ago

I have absolutely no experience with planning shoots or anything like that so we'd need someone to lead it and all that stuff but if someone was willing to help out I'd love to meet up!

#4 0The0Midget0 on 3 years ago

I'd be more then happy to help. I've planned a Free! meet up and two MLP meetups for Otakon the past two years.

#5 Relia on 3 years ago

I'm working on two FE:A costumes, and it's possible I might have one done in time for A*USA -- not sure yet, but if I do finish it, I'd love to meet up with you guys for photos~

#6 0The0Midget0 on 3 years ago


I made this, so fingers crossed!