Megacon 2015 Cosplay Plans

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#16 elisewynter on 5 years ago

I'm only going on Friday and Saturday~

Friday will be Kitty Cat Katarina and Saturday will be Gnar ; w;

#17 Andjoo on 5 years ago

I'm trying to make a Joel (Last of Us) Cosplay for Friday and then on Saturday I'm going to go as Brendan the trainer (Pokemon Emerald) if I can find the costume in time! I actually need help on that part! And for Sunday I'll just be myself and enjoy the quiet con for it's last day (:

#18 schmaslow on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Makkenji;4943179]Haven't planned on which days I'll be attending, but I'm hoping to finish up a Fallout cosplay in time for it- either Vulpes Inculta or the Courier.[/QUOTE]

Update! I will be attending as the Courier, avec a [URL=""]Vault 21 Jumpsuit[/URL].

#19 Andjoo on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Makkenji;4943940]Update! I will be attending as the Courier, avec a [URL=""]Vault 21 Jumpsuit[/URL].[/QUOTE]

Dope! I'll be sure to look out for you there!

#20 SirWonderusMary on 5 years ago

I'd like to update mine so, I'll just say I think I'll be doing this:
Joker (Black Butler)
Maxie (Pokemon ORAS)
Jack Vessalius (Pandora Hearts)
Aura Blackquill (Ace Attorney)

#21 flowerings on 5 years ago

On Saturday, I'll be going as Lightning from FF13:Lightning Returns! c;

#22 chichan on 5 years ago

Still trying to decide if we are going all weekend or just Sat-Sun. The plan as of right now is Sailor V on Saturday (from Codename Sailor V, not Sailor Venus ;)) and Saria from Ocarina of Time on Sunday. If I do end up going Friday, I will probably do Saria on Friday, Sailor V on Saturday and resurrect an old cosplay for sunday (Miyuki Takara, maybe) or keep it casual!

Can't wait to see you all there! :)

#23 J-Nagle on 5 years ago

I'll be going as Akrham Knight Harley Quinn if the costume is together by then. If not Then I'll either be Arkham City or Arkham Asylum Harley :) So if any batman characters wanna meet for a photo op I'll be there Sunday!

So excited! First Con EVER!

#24 hotahmai on 5 years ago

I'll be going as Sebastian ( Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler ) in full suit for at least one of the days, with a casual/modern version in there as well, if I can find stuff I like for it, since I'm not sure I want to be in a 3-piece suit the entire weekend ( as killer as it is ), haha.

#25 JFBount on 5 years ago

Gonna be going as Vile from Megaman X this year! I also got Cisco Ramon from The Flash and Ricardo Fellini from Gundam Build Fighters! I can't wait for Megacon this year :D

#26 MostDecentThing on 5 years ago

I'm hoping to debut red dress Peggy Carter, bring back Megara (MEGAraCon!), and debut my newly redone Rogue :)


#27 TheStickMaster on 5 years ago

I have finally settled on my Cosplay this year, and it will be the Magikarp conman/salesman from Pokemon. I already have my Magikarp plush and poke-balls on order and they should be arriving from China next week. I still have to construct my vendor tray and affix straps to it >_<'

#28 RainbowSerenity on 5 years ago

I'm only going on Sunday (since Saturday was terrible last year), and I'll be wearing a revamped Dragonair gijinka :D Any other Pokemon cosplayers going on Sunday?

#29 dogwitch on 5 years ago

am redoing my whole cosplay plans do to issue with cloth am using on one. let you know updated when i can

#30 HopeForHyrule on 5 years ago

Bringing my Fluttershy (I think), Lucia from Lunar: Eternal Blue and since I'm flying home Sunday, I doubt I'll cosplay that day...unless I can think up something semi-casual and easy/cheap to make.