Megacon 2015 Cosplay Plans

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#1 Sammyzilla on 6 years ago

I know it's a long ways off, but I was wondering if anyone had any idea on what their cosplay plans are going to be next Megacon.

I know I'm definitely going to do Mami Tomoe from Madoka Magica since I'm a part of a full group with all 5 of the main girls and Morrigan in her Orlesian ball gown from Dragon Age: Inquisition with my friend who's doing Inquisition Leilana. It's be amazing to see other Dragon Age cosplayers there!

UPDATE: My current lineup looks like it'll be
Friday; Casual/Modern Hawke(with a Fenris, maybe a Merrill, Bethany, and Isabella too) for Dealers room/Panel shenanigans, then changing into Aqua from Kingdom Hearts.
Saturday; Starting out the day as Mami Tomoe with a full group of magical girls (maybe a Kyubay or Charlotte too), then changing into my Evil Snow Queen/ Original Design
Sunday; Slighty (Fox Lost Boy) from Peter Pan with a group of like 8 - 10 including the rest of the Lost Boys, Tigerlilly, Peter, Maybe Tink, maybe Wendy. Will likely go to the Disney meetup that usually on Sunday.

#2 SirWonderusMary on 6 years ago

I'm not really sure right now, I might go a day or two to the con so that'll decide who I cosplay. I do know I would love cosplaying Julius Monrey from Alice in the country of hearts if I'm able to finish it on time. If not, Joker from Black butler and Uso! Tony Stark

#3 amayaanimenut on 6 years ago

I actually have mine all planned out xD I'll be doing Hinata from Naruto, Mako from Kill la Kill, and the practice outfit version of Honoka from Love Live.

[U]EDIT:[/U] I'll be switching Mako out with Casual Elsa if my friend who cosplays Anna ends up coming

#4 Braithcakes on 5 years ago

I'll probably only be doing saturday. But I'll be doing Wiccan from Young Avengers

#5 HopeForHyrule on 5 years ago

Probably bring back Fluttershy, also Lucia from Lunar: Eternal Blue and if I can get it finished (IE, am able to make it), will also have baby Groot.

#6 raisedbycawts on 5 years ago

friday - john egbert in the beginning outfit with my group of the other 3 beta kids
saturday - im also doing a madoka magica group, im going to be moe homura akemi with my group of the 5 magical girls
sunday - havent exactly decided yet but probably just a seifuku with knee highs and loafers

#7 Killerangel666 on 5 years ago

I can't wait for megacon! I'm going for two days this year, but I'll only be cosplaying on saturday. I'm going to cosplay Trish from Devil May Cry:) so excited!

#8 TaliaRosalie on 5 years ago

If I can attend, I might only be going for one or two days.

I want to dress as Monica Raybrandt for one of the days, Petra Ral (maybe), and Eilonwy, if that's possible.

I think Monica is going to take up a majority of my time... and I haven't even started on her yet.

#9 Rosemary_red on 5 years ago

Friday-Gwynevere from Dark Souls
Saterday- Improved fem Doctor Strange
Sunday- Undead Valkyrie OC

Things may (most likely) change, but atleast what I want to cosplay has been picked out and edged in stone.^_^

#10 ARRevolution on 5 years ago

If I can get a ride to megacon with a local person or a local group then
Friday-original green ranger
Saturday-original green ranger
Sunday-original green ranger

#11 SSjBashtian on 5 years ago

Friday/Saturday: I don't usually cosplay, its my time to check out the dealers room and such but if I decide to I'll wear my Haymans Breda cosplay I have planned for Saturday.
Sunday: will probably be going as the Joker from the 1989 Tim Burton's Batman

#12 khforeverfan on 5 years ago

I'm going all 3 days and cosplaying attack on titan Eren jeager and was wondering if any other snk cosplayers were going to maybe have a photoshoot and just chill with more attack on titan cosplayers or know of any snk cosplayers looking for an Eren cosplayer ?xD

#13 mewillusion on 5 years ago

Friday: Mami Tomoe with a whole PMMM group (including some genderbends too)
Saturday: Leah and Kid Loki from Journey into Mystery
Sunday: Misato Katsuragi with a Gendo, Kaji, Shinji, Rei and Asuka

#14 schmaslow on 5 years ago

Haven't planned on which days I'll be attending, but I'm hoping to finish up a Fallout cosplay in time for it- either Vulpes Inculta or the Courier.

#15 roseandzippin on 5 years ago

Have to work on Friday and have a college class on Saturday (the day I usually go, boohoo!) so I'm just going on Sunday. I'll be doing Fem!Castiel that day and may be with several Doctor Who cosplayers since we just got the Karen Gillan news!