Playboy-Style Eeveelution Group -- Seeking Members!

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#1 fabrickind on 5 years ago

Hello everyone!

I'm putting together a group of Playboy Bunny-style eeveelutions for this con, and am looking for cosplayers!

Currently, eevee, flareon, and umbreon are open. Check [URL=""]this post[/URL] for more information (and the designs). The basics: over 18 required, over 20 preferred; need to be comfortable wearing a sexy cosplay in a group all day and all the positive and negative attention that comes with it; need to be able to pay for and sew your own costume. The only bit of info I didn't put in there is that my flareon will have to be comfortable styling a wig into a pompadour (not a ridiculous anime pomp, but a regular feminine pomp -- it shouldn't be too difficult with a lace front wig, but this has still been scaring people away from taking that character.)

If you are interested, please message me here or on tumblr.

Hope to see y'all at the con with a full group of eevees! :]

X-posted to the "Seeking Cosplayers" subforum, but it's getting buried there and I'm hoping I'll get a little more attention on this here. If that isn't okay, I hope a moderator will let me know and close that thread rather than this one.

#2 neozero on 4 years ago

I'm actually curious how this group turned out