Advice needed on Slayers cosplay

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#1 Sensei_Soriel on 4 years ago

Hello everyone. I want some advice on a Slayers cosplay I want to make. I want to cosplay as Xellos at Otakuthon 2015 (and mascarade at the same time) and I want some advice on how to make the cape, cape brooch, pants, turtleneck shirt and the staff (which I want to have some electronics inside to make the orb light up). Going to buy the gloves tought, since that is really hard to make.

I don't want to buy actually made clothes to make the costume (I'm sort of a DIY person) and am thinking of purchasing copper pipe with insulating foam to make the staff, while the broach will be made of plastic sheets and painted pingpong balls I can easilly get my hands on. Electronics for the staff's orb would be some LEDs and a 9v battery with an on-off switch in the staff's handle (where some white bandages are seen to cushion the grip).

What I can't get my hands on are patterns and tips to make the costume (Xellos is roughly the same size as I am and I have this feeling it would be fun to cosplay as that character). I want to start by doing the shirt. I have some coton like fabric that matches the color I want. If anyone has any pattern to give me, please share them.

Note that I'm male, so anything girl sized will not fit me.