Recommendations for irons?

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#1 ShinobiXikyu on 4 years ago

I'm in dire need of a new iron- for the past while I've been using an ancient black&decker that sat in a cupboard for a decade, that I couldn't even fill with water (have to soak a cloth and lay overtop to press), has gotten several scratches and NOW, seems to be leaving stains on light fabrics. I'm starting artist-alley crafting and comissioning, so I NEED to invest in a really good, durable iron that will steam-press and iron/press just about all fabrics. However, as I've never had to buy one, I have no darn idea of what some particularly good/durable brands are, what ones are crap, and what ones are overpriced for their worth. Help me out please! As an FYI, I live in Canada but we get most USA-sold brands like black and decker, kenmore, GE, etc. I do NOT want to buy it online, shipping kills me everytime and the sooner I can get it the better.

#2 LadyoftheLake on 4 years ago

The best irons out there are gravity feed but they are $$$$. They last forever but the up front cost is even too much for my blood. I think the buzz was that Rowenta isn't as good as it used to be. I actually use a Black and Decker "Classic." For a good press, you want to have an iron that is fairly weighty. Ironing ready to wear is one thing. Pressing the hell out of newly sewn seams is another. I like my Classic. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the others have but it's built like a beast and presses very well. If you don't have one, get a tailor's clapper. I have one and it's REALLY helpful for getting crisp seams on heavier fabrics like denim and bottom weight fabrics.