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#1 Khorrupt on 4 years ago

I want to make Aurora's princess dress -- as I'm sure y'all know it's always depicted as pink, but Merriwether constantly changes it in the movie back to blue. I actually like the blue version a lot better than the pink one, and I was just wondering what you guys would think if you saw an Aurora with a blue dress? Especially in costumes that I've seen with the blue dress...it really looks like Cinderella. (It might have been the colour blue that said costumes were made of, I'm not sure.) But, yes or no? Do you think people wouldn't get it?

#2 Shana05 on 4 years ago

It's highly talked about in Disney circles, so I think at least Disney fans will understand that the movie version is blue. I was having this same debate with myself as I'm considering cosplaying Annie Leonhardt as Aurora. I still haven't decided if I'm going through with the cosplay but if I do, I'll be making it blue.

#3 lemuries on 4 years ago

I'm not involved in the Disney circles, but when I google "Aurora dress sleeping beauty," at least a third of the pictures that come up are blue. I would imagine that only the uninformed might try to hassle you for your color choice, which makes them look bad, not you.

#4 usuyukisou on 4 years ago

Disney likes to promote pink in their merchandise because marketing believes it'll appeal to little girls better, but the two cosplayers I can think of who have done the dress have both done it in blue. Heck, the one that comes to my mind when I think of Aurora is the blue version.

#5 stefaniecat on 4 years ago

I prefer it in blue!
and 99% of the time in movie is blue

but disney character wears pink in parks costume and the marketing images are all pink.
makes no sense to me :)

#6 Satine on 4 years ago

I think it's to differentiate her from Cinderella.

A number of women dressed as Cinderella now get called Elsa after all so it's almost certainly to keep the two blonde princesses clearly different.

So do be prepared to be called Elsa or Cinderella and just enjoy your gown :)

#7 Aurora's Heart on 4 years ago

Honestly from the standpoint of personal preference I say go with what you want. If you do that you will be much happier in the dress. If you are going for accuracy as a HUGE Aurora fan I can offer you some stats.

Cinderella's dress is silver in the movie to be accurate, however, they decided to make her dress light blue for merchandising purposes. This became an issue for Aurora when she came along in her royal and perriwinkle blue dress. The offical reason Aurora is merchandised in pink is due to the fact the book closes, at the end of the movie, with her in pink. Don't understand the logic in that for reasons I won't get into. The truth of the matter is they just want to keep the two blonde girls seperate and they feel pink will market better. The facts are Aurora spends 27minutes 48 seconds in the blue dress versus the 18 seconds she wears the pink version. (yes i will admit I am that obsessed ;)) Also Flora doesn't even realize Aurora has spent the entire movie in the blue dress till the end when the princess is dancing. Merriweather takes 6 seconds to notice.
Also they made a blue dress for the Aurora in the Maleficent movie. No pink version in that movie so someone knows the truth.;)

Like I said, just pick your favorite color nad have a blast in it. Aurora is an amazing character and I love finding people who love my fave Disney Princess. :D

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