Megacon 2015 Metal Gear cosplay group?

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#1 NeoGC on 5 years ago

Hey all! As of last night, I've decided I want to cosplay as Kaz (Circa Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain) for Megacon 2015.

Last year I saw a decent amount of MGS3 Snakes, and a couple that was Ocelot and EVA. I'm wondering if anyone else here is cosplaying as a Metal Gear character, and maybe when the time comes around we could (Somehow) maybe arrange a group for a few pictures and handshakes? :)

I don't even know what day I'll be going, but I'll most likely be going with a mini-posse of some friends of mine who may also be in costume (Not as Metal Gear characters though).

Give it some thought. c:

#2 makio on 5 years ago

Longtime Metal Gear supporter, checking in. :]

If this is still in your plans, I can try to see if I can join up. I should be there all 3 days of the convention, though I would only technically have Friday and Saturday Morning to Midday(and then the evening)free for costuming.